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Trump Schedule || Thursday, November 9, 2017

8:00 pm || Departs Beijing, China
12:25 am || Arrives Da Nang, Vietnam
1:30 am || Delivers remarks to the APEC CEO Summit; Ariyana Da Nang Exhibition Center
2:30 am || Participates in a veterans meet and greet; Hyatt Regency Da Nang Resort and Spa
8:00 am || Attends a gala dinner and cultural performance; Sheraton Da Nang Resort

All times U.S. Eastern


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10 Responses to Trump Schedule || Thursday, November 9, 2017

  1. Excuse me while I use this comment to rant:
    Our President is on an important diplomatic trip to Asian countries that will impact our trade with them, and hopefully convince certain regimes to induce NoKo to back away from their unwarranted threats to America. Our FLOTUS is being praised as an elegant and sophisticated visitor.
    We know this because foreign news agents and media tell us so in their reporting with finely chosen words and photos.
    What is the American media fixated on today – a charge of misconduct by a current candidate that happened 40 years ago. While nothing has been proven to be true, and the “victim” doesn’t claim any damage, the accused has been declared a pervert and a danger to society.
    The MSM and certain political figures have called upon the candidate to remove himself from consideration for the elected position – all on the accusation, not the evidence.
    What have we become, what has happened to our values of fairness and honor?
    Would the MSM allow their readers and listeners to be ignorant of the important work being done by a President they don’t support out of spite and concentrate their bileI’ on one of his supporters?
    Has our system of just laws become something to be ignored if the accused isn’t well-liked by others?
    Anthony Weiner is in prison for sharing a photo of his genitals over an electronic device – he was charged, allowed to defend himself, and then found guilty. While I personally found this kind of behavior creepy and disgusting, no one is outraged at a magazine popular with teens that offered advice and support for “anal sex” – no charges were filed against the editors or the actual writer who aimed this sexual outrage at minors.
    I’m done. (for now)

    • Lame stream is Never Trump and will never stop. Do they care about this country NO !
      The commies have taken over all the MSM and will destroy us from within.

    • Thing is, Moore was embroiled in a lot of controversies even when he was on the bench. Ten Commandments, gay rights, you name it, he was driving the Left nuts for a quarter of a century. This allegation could have ended his career long ago.

      But it only comes out straight in Pravda on the Potomac–the story didn’t break in the local papers, I note–after the legal deadline to substitute another candidate. How utterly convenient, no?

  2. Here is my rant.

    MSM is reporting the GOP tax cut plan will add $1.7 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years. That works out at $170 billion/year. Here is what the last three presidents have done. Obama added over $1 trillion a year for 4 straight years.

    Clinton Bush Obama
    (1993) -354 (2001) +154 (2009) -1.41 Trillion
    -276 -186 -1.28 Trillion
    -218 -437 – 1.26 Trillion
    -140 -466 -1.04 Trillion
    – 28 -349 -634 Billion
    + 88 -263 -447 Billion
    +157 -166 -399 Billion
    (2000) +290 (2008) -464 (2016 -552 Billion

  3. Here is a better chart. All figures in Billions except for Obama’s Trillions. The surplus in 1930 was +7.75 B.

    Clinton Bush Obama
    (1993) -354 (2001 +154 (2009) -1.41
    -276 -186 -1.28
    -218 -437 -1.26
    -140 -466 -1.04
    – 28 -349 – 637
    + 88 -263 – 447
    +157 -166 – 399
    (200) +290 (2008)-464 (2016) – 552

  4. MSM knows that MOORE is pro Trump…..therefore they must destroy him by any means possible!!

    Welkome to the Banana Country USA, once a free people. Now Propaganda runs the news.

    BTW the Massacre in Vegas is now completely forgotten. No answers, buried and forgotten.

    Vegas Key items
    Maverick Helicopters (3)- CIA – hovering at the Mandalay Bay at the time of the Shooting.

    Fuel Tanks that were shot at belong to JANET air Secret air service to Area 51.

    The Saudi’s own the top floors of the Mandalay bay. Four Seasons.

    Campos on Ellen show a gain 50 lbs in a week.
    Shot but never gets medical help for a week after having gone to Mexico.