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Somebody Got to Donna Brazile

This is a fascinating little video. Donna Brazile was mad as hell and wrote a justifiably angry book about how Hillary Clinton took over the DNC and corruptly ripped the primary election away from Bernie Sanders — and therefore away from Democratic voters too.

Of course, she contributed to this by sharing debate questions with Hillary during the primaries and so she might be a bit of a hypocrite and not the most credible witness but let’s forget about that for now we’re having too much fun. Okay?

Brazile’s book has created a couple problems for the Democratic establishment, of which Brazile is a part. First, while the Democrats are trying to say the Donald Trump undermined democracy, the only clear evidence of anyone doing that points to Democrats, who ate their own. And second, the Democratic establishment has been completely discredited, increasing the chances that a leftist populist will be the 2020 nominee.

No doubt, Democrats have been on the phone with Ms. Brazile dropping expletives and threatening the ship her to Mars. So here she is on CBS This Morning Tuesday trying to suggest it was a fair vote and hoping to change the subject to Russian meddling in the election. I have to give the liberal CBS This Morning crew credit. They’re not letting her get away with any of it and they’re flabbergasted at her backpedaling, even though they’re all old chums.

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    • Her Wiki does not mention it, but if I remember correctly, she was Slick Willie’s “scheduling secretary”, and managed the door to the Oval Office when he was seeing Monica.

  1. It wasn’t the vote that was “rigged”- it was the money that flowed from the states and other donors to the DNC that went right off to the Clintons. In business that’s called money laundering.
    The Clintons did everything they could to prevent another ‘obama’ from screwing up what they thought they owned – the WhiteHouse and it failed.
    Bernie came on the scene, knocked over all the set pieces, and could have had it all – if not for the Super Delegates.
    The damage is done. She can deny, fudge, shilly-shally, anything – the public knows that the Clinton fixed the democratic process for her own benefit and walked away with all the cash.
    MsBrazile- she opened secret doors, rolled up the room-darkening blinds, and nothing can make anyone unsee what she presented.

  2. Brazile seems to be an intellectually ungifted person who knows how to wield blunt force use of the race and gender cards. So, she rose.

    Brazile cheated all of us by sharing questions with her girlie Hillary, but Brazile is actually Obama’s girlie as anyone knows who has observed her getting a girlish and blushy when his name was mentioned on CNN during his Presidency. So I want to hear Brazile’s thoughts on why Obama refused to give money that he raised to the DNC.

    What do the Russians have to do with anything?

    • Indeed…As We loyal readers of WhiteHouseDossier would read Dear Leader Obama’s daily/weekly schedules there were many, many “fundraisers” Obama held (all that flying around on AF1 weekly).

      So why has NO ONE really made that connection; Obama’s “fundraisers” = BANKRUPT DNC…???

  3. With all the light shed on the Democrats, before/during/after the elections, not to mention all of the nefarious actions of the Clinton Crime Family, WHY is Robert Mueller still conducting any kind of investigation? Robert Mueller is up to his neck within the swampy cesspool as well.

    • And why is Mueller investigating only the suspected Russian collusion with an election campaign?

      Shouldn’t DACAs and illegal immigrants – foreign nationals, too – also be accused of collusion with the other election campaign?

  4. It’s always difficult to unravel why someone did something completely unexpected or surprising–particularly a high profile person. Was it vengeance, payback, a burst of conscience? Brazille must have been working on her book for quite awhile, so it’s not something she decided to do last week. We’ll find out what triggered her eventually. Or maybe not. ;+}

  5. I saw the interview on CBS & I wanted to slap both Gayle & Nora! I think they made her feel threatened, not letting her answer their questions, etc. Very rude which made me dislike Gayle, Nora & Charlie even more.
    I think Donna better watch her back that the Clintons don’t go after her!