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Obama Calls for “God” to Give Us “Wisdom” on Gun Control

The very day an atheist lunatic killed 26 people in a Texas church, Barack Obama took to Twitter to seek divine inspiration on gun control.

Perhaps God could grant Obama the wisdom to lay off for a few minutes after gun tragedies while people grieve. This is Texas and it’s a church. I’m willing to bet many of those killed and injured, as well as their families, don’t support Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Maybe if Obama was consulting God more he wouldn’t have spent half his presidency attacking the police, which prompted cops to pull back from proactive and aggressive policing with the result that more innocent lives were lost to murderers, particularly in black neighborhoods.

The Texas shooting would actually seem to be an argument against gun control. The shooter appears to have been in illegal possession of his firearm. Assuming the hero who stopped him legally owned his gun, this would be a case study for the argument that bad guys can get their guns illegally while good guys should not be impeded in their ability to obtain a weapon to defend themselves and others.

It’s also an argument to make sure people are allowed to bring guns to places some consider to be off-limits, like churches. Given the new penchant for violence we see on the left, conservative Christian communities are in serious danger.

Yes, leftist violence. You don’t hear much about it. It appears we may have had two incidents over the weekend, including Rand Paul’s cracked ribs and this shooting, which may or may not have been committed by a leftist. Given his militant atheism, he is at least unlikely to have been a conservative.

And how long before a Jihadist shoots up a synagogue? Let’s make sure houses of God are not just safe spaces for killers.

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  1. Since the shooter is an atheist and the victims are Christians, expect the MSM to paper over those facts and push the gun control angle. If it were a church with a black congregation or a mosque they would go nuts. Speaking of which, where is the “violent backlash” against Muslims we keep hearing about from the media after every act of islamic terrorism?

  2. Obama should just STFU.
    Now we have to pack a weapon in church.

    Obama should work on cleaning up his home town of Chicago before he rails on any other situation concerning gun control.

    I’m so tired of the “elites” pontificating on our gun rights while they walk around surrounded by guns.

  3. If gun control mattered to Obama, why didnt he and his Democrat majority do something about it? Instead, they went after the total destruction of our health system. Obama now pontificates (taking time off from video games & marijuana) to the Republican majority about gun control and at the same time stirs hatred of conservative, gun rights supporting Americans. I wish he would go away and take Hillary with him.

  4. According to Obama and the dems aren’t we supposed to cool it and not politicize the situation.

    They were quick to call out the president when he rightfully called for tighter vetting.

  5. I would like some clarification on what was written here: It is strange that Keith brought up this issue of Devin Patrick Kelley’s religious beliefs, not sure what it has to do with the horrendous shooting.

    Evidence points to religious people being much more violent than the less religious, and this is the case across religions, across history, including Christianity. This is obviously also the case with Muslims, Jews and even Buddhists and Hindus.

    And if we want to talk about vetting, we should vet people who buy guns. If we vet people coming in from abroad, shouldn’t we be careful with people who buy weapons that can kill so easily? It just seems so even-minded and a common sense move.

    I know most people who frequent this site don’t agree with me, but I’d love to understand more about this political inclination of yours.

    • You just let us know the next time a Christian goes and shoots up a congregation of Atheists and then we’ll start the discussion on that.

      To your second subject: The gunman was prohibited from obtaining a firearm due to his domestic violence conviction. Yet somehow, was still able to pass a background check.

      I’d be interested in your thoughts on which additional laws we should pass in order to make lawbreakers – already breaking laws – not break another one.

      • Air Force has admitted failure to report his dishonorable discharge to federal agency. Had that been reported he would not have been allowed to purchase the weapon.

  6. Philip, may we have your evidence please? Let’s look at the history of the United States (oranges and oranges, for the sake of coherence) and the mass shootings here. Who has been responsible? Just askin’

    • Senor rosenstein. I seriously doubt you would not be able to comment here. This is a very diverse bunch of thinkers except for the fact that we most likely do not believe that atheism is the way to go.

      • I hope that’s the case. Tried to post three times at work a response to your comments/questions. And did not work. I’ll try again when I have time. I appreciate the engagement . While we might disagree on many things I really hope there is common ground somewhere.

        • Mr. Rosenstein, I did some quick research on my own about the worst 10 mass shootings in the U.S. Here’s what I found: (1) Las Vegas 10/1/2017–shooter was liberal, non-Christian (2) Orlando FL 6/12/2016–fundamentalist Muslim (3) Virginia Tech 4/16/2007–anti-Christian, psychiatric problems (4) Sandy Hook 12/14/2012–psychiatric problems, can’t find any religious affiliation (5) Sutherland Springs TX 11/5/2017–“virulently” atheistic (6) Luby’s in Killeen TX 10/16/1991–seemed to have had problems with alcohol and marijuana, can’t find any religious affiliation (7) San Ysidro CA 7/19/1984–seemed to be unstable with poor employment history and such (8) University of Texas tower 8/1/1966–raised Roman Catholic, had psychiatric problems and a brain tumor upon autopsy (9) Post Office Edmonton OK 9/20/1986–can’t find religious affiliation (10) San Bernardino CA 12/2/2015–radicalized Muslim

  7. “Obama Calls for “God” to Give Us “Wisdom” on Gun Control”

    … as if the Obamaliar actually believes in God. He is as much a believer as Hillary.

    Why would God give us wisdom on gun control when he forgot to give us wisdom when twice electing Obama?

  8. What would Frank Marshall Davis say/do regarding his son’s sudden show of piety?! And did not Christ divise a whip weapon with which to drive out the financiers occupying His Father’s house of prayer?

  9. “May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.

    Shoot back!

  10. “Barack Obama


    May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.” >>THE LORD HAS A MUCH BETTER IDEA,THE PEOPLE MUST GET RID OF THE TRUE DANGERS THAT ARE WALKING FREELY AMONG ALL OF US,….,OBUM MA AND SORO…” ONLY THAN ., WILL THE PEACE FINALLY START TO TAKE OVER…..THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF WHAT OUR LORD IS SAYING.