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Now Hillary Blames . . . The Media

Providing the latest bit of proof that she has lost touch with reality and that her personality would have been at least as disconcerting a fit for the presidency as Trump’s can be, Hillary Clinton is now casting her wide net of blame for her loss toward the media.

You know, the same media which pounded Trump day after day. Interestingly, Hillary even suggests that she is aware that the mainstream media was in her corner and that, in fact, it should be. Watch below as she says journalists admitted to her they screwed up by choosing to “beat up on me” too much – presumably over her emails – thinking it would be “without consequence” since she was going to win anyway.

14 Responses to Now Hillary Blames . . . The Media

  1. Hillary’s a sick, selfish, hateful shrew. Will the DoJ and Jeff Sessions ever rid us of this meddlesome cow and throw her in jail? Will President Trump replace Sessions with someone who will? Judge Jeanine Pirro would be a terrific replacement, just my humble suggestion.

  2. IF.. if she had won the election, we would never hear about anything except praise and admiration from the MSM and the Dems. They would shower her with compliments, ignore everything that would cast her or her minions in a bad light, and we would have Obama 2.o MSM.

    We’re all aware that MrTrump is not perfect, not a saint, and most of all – not a glib politician who can mouth the expected words in every situation, That’s OK, he’s like us and we approve of , well, us.
    We are also aware that the MSM will find the word, the look, the phrase that will make the President appear to be whatever they choose. The latest example is the koi feeding with the Japanese PM fiasco. They found nuance in HOW he dumped the koi food, and claimed he was “bored” and impatient to get the photo-op over and done. It is a lie, a spin on what actually happened.

  3. And we note the Harvard study of Trump during the first 100 days of his administration:

    “The study found that in Trump’s first 100 days in office, the tone of the news coverage of the president has been a whopping 80 percent negative to 20 percent positive.”

    It was just as negative during the election campaign.

    Hillary is full of it.

    • I disagree. I WANT her to keep sucking all the air out of the Democrat’s room.

      As long as she’s running her mouth blaming everything and everybody else? The longer it’ll take them to figure out just what happened. If ever.

  4. OT: Sen John McCain
    He is suffering from new complications from his treatment for cancer and some kind of foot injury.
    It’s time for him to retire, pass the torch, move on. His plan seems to be dying while sitting at his desk on the floor of Congress.

    There are many qualified Repubs in Az who could take his place in DC, many, young and older.
    Retire, John, take the honorable road.

  5. The press acted like fire hydrants and the Queen of Pansuits could do whatever she wanted even imitate how male dogs treat hydrants. Wonder how long it will take if ever for her to look in the mirror and see the reason she lost.