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Donald, Shinzo, and the Great Koi Fish Controversy

Here’s how some were portraying it.

9 Responses to Donald, Shinzo, and the Great Koi Fish Controversy

  1. It never stops, they never quit finding fault – even if they have to lie or spin to get there.

    A NBC reporter on the trip with MrTrump in Japan says he’s tired, fatigued.
    So are we.
    We’re tired of opinions masquerading as news reports, we’re fatigued by the constant negative points that have to be mined out of the good things.
    Soon, we’re going to be angry, angry that those charged with delivering news to the public have become so biased, so corrupt that they don’t serve their mission anymore.
    Freedom of the Press doesn’t mean that they are free to lie, to spin the truth, to invent controversy, or to continue to refuse to relate the real event or agenda in a factual manner.

  2. I’ve been to trout fish farms here in America and fish farms in the Pacific.
    Here’s my experience.
    Usually you book a tour to vist one.
    Then when you arrive you’re meet by a guide who explains the operation.
    Then comes the sales pitch,”who wants to feed the fish”? You pony up a couple of bucks and get a small amount of food. It’s not a sack of feed, just enough to get the experience. These farms are carefully maintained, owners know exactly how much food is required, they don’t over feed them.

  3. The ignorant snowflakes will see only what they want to see. They will ignore the video showing clearly that both leaders dumped the remaining koi food into the water after feeding the fish with spoons. The MSM will do anything, say anything to discredit, mock and denigrate the President. It’s sickening.

  4. I don’t mind at all when the MSM embarrasses themselves like this in ridiculous attempts to discredit Trump. It is then clear to anyone with at least half a brain what is going on.