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Trump: Berghdal Decision “a Complete and Total Disgrace”

Who can even fathom why this guy is getting a dishonorable discharge instead of jail time? He wrecked the lives of others who were injured when they went out to find him. And he knew people would be sent.

Here’s a little trip down memory lane.

13 Responses to Trump: Berghdal Decision “a Complete and Total Disgrace”

  1. I served in the USMC. Sixteen years in the brig would not have been enough for the danger he put lives in. He has singly cost our country millions and, worse still, we now look weak to our enemies. This judge and the UCMJ has failed the military and the country. I hope this judge is passed over for review.

    • Thank you Bonnie…when I recall my dad’s service in the Marines whose health problems followed him around for the rest of his life my blood boils. Heartache.

  2. He should have stood before a firing line, or at least spent time in Leavenworth with the other traitors and deserters.
    The men who died or were wounded looking for him are heroes who did their duty under the worst possible conditions and all for a traitor! Bless all of them.
    I think of the men (and women) in all kinds of uniforms who face danger every day and do it with courage and bravery.
    The firefighters who enter the flames looking for survivors, the police officers who search the house looking for the intruder who may or may not be armed, the EMTs who gather the remains of a drive-by shooting in neighborhoods of rampant crime, and any others that I failed to mention are my personal heroes.

  3. My son served two terms in Iraq, and still maintains contact with the Gold Star families of his brothers who were killed there. He stood alone with a sign to protest Obama’s ransom of the traitor. He made an emotional video about this, and so far I’ve seen heartbroken posts from two of our Gold Star mothers, asking “Where is justice”?

  4. This ruling should be appealed.
    He should have gotten at least life in prison.

    Six guys and a dog lost their lives looking for him, and there are some that have to live their lives with injuries.

    I don’t care if they had him for five years, it was his decision.

    • The irony is Bergdahl’s attorneys are appealing the dishonorable discharge as well as the reduction in benefits…

      They think that’s unfair…


  5. I heard there is an appeal. This scum-of-the
    -earth is appealing the dishonorable discharge. He wants full military benefits. Insulting beyond belief.

  6. My heart aches for all Americans who have honourably served. From the moment Barry stood with the traitor’s parents in the White House Rose Garden, the “prosecution” of Berghdal has been a farce. The outcome is a slap in the face to all who have served with integrity and love of country.

  7. If the sergeant possesses a conscience at all, it will haunt him & he will realize that the position of being the one at moral fault is far worse than being the victim(s) of said fault! He will wish to possess the moral fortitude to endure just judgement & sentencing as a real man would do. Unless the sergeant reckons his abandonment of his post with his Maker,(for which comerades-in-arms lost limbs or lives only to be followed by gentle disciplinary action) he should accuse himself to the death.