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Elizabeth Warren: The Democratic Primary Was Rigged

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Thursday acknowledged that Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders by taking control of the DNC before the primaries even started.

I think the Democrats have finally had it with Hillary. I think you will soon see her shouted down by fellow Democrats during one of her appearances. The Democratic base never liked her and now they are furious. And the chances that Democrats will rally behind an extreme leftist like Warren in 2020 are growing.

Don’t get excited. That’s bad news for Republicans. Because there is no guarantee an extreme leftist will lose the general election. And if they win, America could be put irrevocably on a course toward catastrophe.

12 Responses to Elizabeth Warren: The Democratic Primary Was Rigged

  1. I’m just shocked, shocked I tell you, that our gal HildaBeast would do something as treacherous as buy the Democrat Party. Funny has all get out that the turd she bought is turning on her.

  2. She blew it. She had two choices – to draw out gracefully and be the standard bearer for the new generation of Dems, or to be the shrill, whiny, loser who blamed everyone and everything for her pathetic campaign.
    The Dems want her to go away now, to be quiet and dignified.
    There is a line in this tell-all book that finally shows that the Dems were aware of how the voters were reacting to the candidates – she noticed a lack of “enthusiasm” for Hillary as she travelled the country. She didn’t say so, but she (and others) noticed the Trump campaign signs in yards, thousands of them in every burg, every town, and city.

    Us deplorables are content to let Hillary speak anywhere she chooses and to whine to her heart’s desire.
    Every appearance, every complaint reminds us all of what could have been and thankfully, will never be – H.Clinton POTUS

  3. Let’s not forget the Elizabeth Warren/Pocohantas has much to gain from Hillary’s fall. There’s no principle in her, that’s for sure, but she recognizes an opportunity when she sees one. Agree that she would be HORRIBLE for this country.

  4. “That’s bad news for Republicans. Because there is no guarantee an extreme leftist will lose the general election.”

    Good grief. It isn’t ‘bad news’ by any stretch of the imagination. The election is three years away. That’s a lifetime in politics.

    If the left wants to nominate an extremist like Warren? More power to them. I welcome it.

    • I agree. Hard-left collectivism may well run up the scores in California and New York, but it’s a nonstarter in Nebraska.

      And since the Left seems to be gravitating to the coasts, and making little effort to understand why it lost, bigly, California and New York will not decide 2020. It will come down, again, to the white working class in the Midwest, who may hate Trump on policy, but will vote for him in the interest of self-preservation.

      And if Virginia is any indication, the Democrats haven’t yet figured out that identity politics is anathema to swing voters.

      Their tone deafness is sickening. I hope they maintain it.

  5. The Dems may choose a leftist, but Warren is so obviously batshit crazy, and such an irritating witch, that it won’t be her. She’s a worse candidate than Hillary, who had to buy the party to win the nomination. Kamela Harris is another matter. She’s just stupid. But she’s attractive and less crazy. Watch that one.

    • And that other flaky one, Kamala Harris. I follow her on twitter just so I know what the crazy left is doing. She’s a nut case for sure.

  6. Obama left the DNC in debt — so that Hillary could buy a Presidency? He must not have objected to the idea or he would have pitched in a little of the dough he raised.

    I wonder if the Clintons have something interesting on the Obamas — such as a birth certificate or, more likely, the reason they both lost their license as lawyers.