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Obama Hid Iran’s Ties to al Qaeda

A new batch of documents found in Osama Bin Laden’s lair when he was terminated have finally been released, and they demonstrate far closer ties between Iran and al Qaeda than Barack Obama let on.

From an analysis by Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute:

The real scandal now seems to be how Obama and his CIA heads Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, John Brennan, and acting head Mike Morell released only what upheld and affirmed Obama’s tenuous theories about Iran. Had the U.S. public known about the Iranian leadership’s outreach and association with al Qaeda, even Democratic congressmen might have been far less willing to tolerate the trust which Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry placed in their Iranian counterparts. After all, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, the coordinating body for Iran’s security and defense policy, at a time when Iran was developing its al Qaeda outreach.

The whole Iran deal is a con job. It was promoted as something that prevents Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, which it simply doesn’t. And it was signed without the Constitutionally required submission of a treaty to the Senate for ratification by a two-thirds vote.

And people accuse President Trump of dishonesty. As with the “Affordable” Care Act, Obama in the case of Iran sold us a bill of goods. And as with the ACA, America will suffer the consequences.

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  1. Obama and Hillary screwed up everything they touched. Both lied and practiced constant deception every opportunity they had, and actually believed none of us could see it. Obama and Hillary stood at podiums all over the country and implied, or said directly, how ignorant we all are, how deplorable we are, how very much we all needed them because none of us knew how to manage our lives properly without their guidance. To disagree with their world view was a clear indication of how ignorant we were. To criticize anything Obama and Hillary did was to invite scorn and mocking laughter from them and their trained seal cheerleaders.

    Yet, these two vomit inducing third rate political hacks thought we liked them, would vote for them, sign their praises and support them as they went about their madness in their quest to destroy the Republic. They couldn’t be more wrong.