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White House Asked if it Believes Slavery Was Wrong

10 Responses to White House Asked if it Believes Slavery Was Wrong

  1. The answer the idiot was hoping for: Why, yes, all of us in the WhiteHouse believe slavery is a good thing and we’re hoping to put all of your friends- and you- back in chains.

    How does someone so stupid, so clueless, so corrupted get a White House Press pass?

    • Try opening a history book or listen to the first couple of hours of The Civil War by Ken Burns.
      It explains it very well events that led up to the war.

  2. Better response:

    “Anything can look cut and dried with a century and a half of hindsight. Heck, I’ll bet that in 2167, they might even wonder why this White House wouldn’t yank the press credentials of the sort of intellectual lightweights that consider that to be a relevant question. Yeah, over here?”

  3. Black studies, women’s studies, etc., were meant to broaden our view of American history. Instead, they have produced people who seem to nothing little beyond the bounds of “their people.” And so they stew over this limited view of the U.S.

  4. Why doesn’t this media light-weight ask this question in a Muslim country, where slavery is still practiced? God save us from these snowflakes and virtue signaling idiots.

  5. The Victimhood was a significant participant in the American slave trade &, in the 20th century, said group’s moral superiority developed & supported the implementation of minority studies which successful purpose was to produce intellectual victims such as this black female journalist.