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Trump Should Wait Before Politicizing the Terrorist Attack

President Trump this morning blasted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for his sponsorship of legislation that created the Diversity Visa Program, under which Saifullo Saipov, who committed Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City, entered the country.

Trump expresses support for a merit-based immigration program. He may be right, but this is not the time to be creating a political issue out of the attack.

Republicans rightly criticize Democrats when they start making a political issue out of every tragic mass shooting while the bodies are still warm. Trump should be uniting the country instead of dividing it at a moment like this. And he especially should lay off the senator from New York, whose job it is to help with the healing from the worst terror attack in New York City since 9/11.

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12 Responses to Trump Should Wait Before Politicizing the Terrorist Attack

  1. Why? The Dems politicize everything…even when there’s nothing to politicize. They call him a Nazi, his wife a whore, and his kid retarded. They wanted him impeached before he took the Oath of Office. And he’s been pushing his immigration plan and the Dems have mocked him, called him a racist and a bigot, and rejected it wholesale.

    The Dems threw away all sense of common decency and decorum long ago…Trump bringing this up now is pretty mild by comparison.

  2. Politicizing? the whole of legal and illegal immigration is political and who is it who refuses to admit that some people don’t belong in a country like ours?
    As our President fights the Dems, fights the MSM, fights the courts, and even some of his own Repubs who refuse to limit legal immigration from Islamic countries until we’re sure they will live by USA law, not sharia law, he has my support to make it ALL political.
    How many dead or maimed Americans will it take for everyone to admit that Islam is not compatible with our system or our values or our notions of good citizenship.

    The Muslim who killed all those people, maimed a lot more, and caused a lot of people grief didn’t belong here. The religion he follows encourages true believers to kill those who are not like them, to foster terror and fear among the people in order to force them to join their religion/social order or whatever it is.
    Let the President do his job the best way he knows how. If he blames the Dem Senator from NY then Schumer can defend himself. IF he can.

      • But just wait….tomorrow or the next day or the next day, I fully expect there to be calls against rushing to “islamophobia” in the wake of this attack, and concerns expressed for the poor Muslims who will no doubt be targeted as a result of Islamophobia….despite the fact that the VAST majority of such reported attacks later turn out to be hoaxes.

    • What would happen if an American woman applied for a visa to Saudi Arabia, with the stated purpose of peaceful Christian evangelism? They’d tell her in no uncertain terms to hit the bricks, no?

      So why is America not allowed to respond the same way to people who proselytize at gunpoint?

  3. Democrat Policies kill people. Dems are Murderers !!! Want peace? never vote Demorat.
    They hate this country and do all they can to destroy it with there BS feel good policy. Murder, Murder. Perverts like the Hollywood pedifile Libs.

  4. I suppose then if my state legislator’s dog comes over and leaves a mess in my yard, and I call out this fact to the press and him, this would be politicizing? Just so happens the jerks that support and pass stupid legislation, are then criticized is politicizing? Bull! Whomever is at fault is open to be called out. Politics? Why is it politics? Seems to me a direct form of accountability.

  5. Both sides have their platform. It just happens Trump is correct, we need to secure our borders.

    He brings up this issue because time after time left wing judges and states have looked to block his travel ban. This wacko in New York wasn’t from one of the countries on travel ban but happens to be Muslim.

    We haven’t heard of any of the miniscule numbers of Christians that are being persecuted that have been allowed to enter cause any trouble.

  6. Sorry. Nope.

    The Democrats created these sets of rules by politicizing everything.

    Make them live by the same rules they impose upon the rest of us.

  7. A six-year-old comes crying to his mother because his little sister pulled his hair. “Don’t be angry,” the mother says, “Your little sister doesn’t realize that pulling hair hurts.”

    A short while later, there’s more crying, and the mother goes to investigate.

    This time the sister is bawling and her brother says, “Now she knows.”

    I think the Democrats are overdue to get their hair pulled.