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White House Releases Official Photos of Trump and Pence

Will Democrats find a scandal in these photos?

It appears they were taken in the White House, which was once occupied by presidents who were slaveholders.

So there you go.

4 thoughts on “White House Releases Official Photos of Trump and Pence”

  1. It’s time for decent Americans to declare slavery illegal and rid our country of this outrage – even if we have to go to war with our fellow citizens.
    We already did that.

    Mrs Obama was fond of declaring that the White House was built by slaves.

  2. And traditionally, the housekeeping staff positions in the White House are held by AfAms — dog whistle to white supremacists or racism that denies jobs to non-AfAms? It’s so confusing nowadays to know that to think!

  3. “Why are they smiling?”…”They shouldn’t be smiling”…”Why are their teeth so white?”…”They’re not wearing their lapel flags correctly”….”It’s insulting to certain African Americans to have the flag in the background”

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