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Video || President Trump and Melania Hand Out Halloween Candy to Kids

Trump, as you can see, is all dressed up as Donald Trump. This is very scary for Democrats and RINO Republicans.

14 thoughts on “Video || President Trump and Melania Hand Out Halloween Candy to Kids”

  1. I read an article about this happening and at the end the author stated that Obama passed out candy to kids, too. I wondered what Obama had to do with this topic — but they always have to drag him, don’t they?

    1. Not the slightest doubt in my mind that Obama gets high a lot post-Presidency. He’s become a multimillionaire so he can afford the best bud now. Nor do I have any doubt he was often high while in the White House because he seemed so off kilter and disoriented much of the time.

    2. But what about the Magnificent Intact AfAm Family appearances the Ones would make in public? Have they been given up? Where is Michelle and the Princesses Obama — are they not enjoying abundant family time with Daddy?

  2. The Ed Klein article references an Obama family friend saying Obama didn’t smoke pot in the WH, because it might “impair his judgement.” What judgement? Obama never had any. It also says that he and Michelle have separate bedrooms at their D.C. home, WW, like the rest of us didn’t already suspect that!

  3. It also says that he started using pot in brownies and candies because he was stinking up the house in Kalorama with the smoke from the cigarettes.

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