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Mueller’s Empty Papadopoulos Play

The press can hardly conceal its glee that after a few days of bad press for Hillary Clinton, who paid for Russian dirt against Donald Trump, they now have some nobody named George Papadopoulos in their corner against the president.

The Washington Post exults that there are “several big, juicy questions emanating from the former Trump foreign policy adviser’s plea deal.” Imagine the Post talking about “juicy” questions concerning problems for Barack Obama? I don’t think so.

But Papadopoulos doesn’t provide evidence or even a suggestion of anything criminal. All he — a non-paid, low-level “advisor” — did is suggest that he was talking to the Russians to try to facilitate contact between them and the Trump campaign. There is no evidence in it that much of anything came of his efforts. What’s more, he was given the blowoff by two top Trump people he contacted, Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski, though policy advisor Sam Clovis indulged him.

As the always excellent Andrew McCarthy points out in the National Review, nothing Papadopoulos did or tried to arrange smacks of criminality.

The term “collusion” can have a dark connotation, but it really only means some kind of concerted activity — not necessarily illegal. Prosecutors don’t care about collusion; they care about conspiracy — an agreement by two or more people to commit a violation of a criminal statute. That is, even if there is some concerted activity, collusion is not a crime unless the Trump campaign conspired with the Putin regime to do something federal law makes a crime — for example, to hack communications systems.

If Trump officials and associates did not do this, then their activities may be unsavory, but they are not criminal. It is a disgraceful thing for an American political candidate to seek damaging information about his or her opponent from a despicable, anti-American regime. But it is not illegal. A criminal investigation is about proving crimes, not revealing dirty politics.

It’s very telling that former campaign chief Paul Manafort was accused of no crimes related to the campaign. If there was anyone that would be orchestrating a conspiracy, it would be Manafort, given his penchant for questionable ethical practices and his own ties to Russia.

Instead, Mueller has, as McCarthy refers to him, a young, 30-year-old “climber” named Papadopoulos. Who hails from the islands of Galápagos. I gather, anyway.

6 thoughts on “Mueller’s Empty Papadopoulos Play”

  1. He lied to the FBI- yawn. All criminals lie to the FBI and police.
    About the bail and restrictions on Manafort and Gates – this is the same justice department that thought it was a great idea to allow “Sammy the Bull” to be my neighbor – a convicted, admitted serial killer and gangster.
    Manafort and Gates are on house arrest and not allowed to wander about the neighborhood, I guess.

  2. Papadopoulos is an idiot. If he hadn’t lied to the FBI, he wouldn’t have been charged with anything. Stupid, stupid, stupid. As for Manafort & Gates, I expected all the ridiculous media linkage of M&G and Papadopoulos, but it makes me NUTS! The two have nothing to do with each other. Grrrr…..
    Manafort seems like a really slimy guy, and what chutzpah to take all that money and circumvent reporting laws, etc… I really, really wonder what his various homes look like.

  3. And this is the problem with the US Code Section 1001, lying to an officer. ANY misstatement of fact can get you charged under this. You are considered guilty if you misstate a date, a time, a name, an amount, ANYTHING for most any reason.

    Worse, if you make this mistake to most ANY type of Officer who is investigating a crime you can be charged, he typically doesn’t even have to tell you who he is or that he is investigating.

    With this law on the books (and now in most States) you MUST consider that NO officer of the law or Courts is your friend. Don’t talk to the Police if you can avoid it and if you can’t, always have a lawyer present.

  4. I don’t care if ‘bozo x’ works for Pelosi, Obama, Trump, or God. If they illegally stepped on the American people for their own gain, they need to go to prison for a long time. Americans are far too tolerant to DC BS, and the ‘us vs them’ rhetoric is just DC’s way of continuing their violation of the American people.

    However, a witch hunt is a waste of our money. If there is evidence of a crime, then investigate, prosecute, and imprison. Otherwise, go get a real job.

  5. All part of the Russian Collusion Delusion. The average person doesn’t believe any of it, or doesn’t care or isn’t paying attention. We know it’s a DNC/Corporate Media propaganda effort and isn’t going anywhere.

  6. The problem that I have here, is that the goal and the strategy are in clear view.

    Nixon did not order the Watergate break-in; it was how he acted during the investigation that eventually forced him out. It was a crime against process, not a crime against a person. Bill Clinton wasn’t impeached for having an affair; they charged him with perjury. Again, a crime against process.

    So it’s obvious what the game plan is: roll up enough of the little guys, get enough of them to squeal, set the perjury trap, install Mike Pence, and then make sure the deplorables are never able to revolt like this again.

    Trump needs to get his pardon pen out, give Manafort et al. their Get Out Of Jail Free cards, and then tell Mueller to either put up or shut up. If there was Russian meddling in the election, then either show us the proof of it, or get the hell out.

    I know what the objection will be: if Trump did nothing wrong, the investigation will prove his innocence. To anyone who would posit that, I don’t mean to be rude, but…how naïve are you?

    In another context, that might well be true, but that’s not what’s going on here. The ruling class is trying to engineer a coup against the duly elected president, by way of a manufactured perjury trap.

    So, Trump should prevent them from ever setting that trap, by pardoning every one of the little guys that Mueller rounds up. If there’s no one to squeeze, there’s no one who can squeal, and no easy way to set up a perjury trap.

    If it’s war they want, then war they should get.

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