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Video || Trump Talks About His Brother Fred’s Alcoholism at Opioids Event

6 thoughts on “Video || Trump Talks About His Brother Fred’s Alcoholism at Opioids Event”

  1. He had said that he didn’t know the extent of the drug crisis until he heard from citizens and others during his campaigning in the Northeast. Called it their “#1 problem”. None of the press that followed him mentioned his concern about the opioid crisis, but we remember what he said.
    He hasn’t forgotten and is doing something about it as best he can. He’s keeping his word.
    Illegal drugs have ruined the lives of two of my immediate family and it’s heartbreaking, so sad.

    The whole drug culture has to change and it won’t be easy. It starts with the marijuana fad today – isn’t it cool or fun to get high? everyone’s doing it-. How does the government fight that social pressure?
    I hope it works, I hope somehow that people can put down the smokes, the dope, the pills, and all that goes with it.

  2. 80% of heroin comes from Mexico. Build the damn wall and then we can address personal responsibility Start by cutting off the head of the snake…. we are not talking about weed here.

    1. And sadly the street drugs replicating OxyContin and Fentanyl come from Mexico. I live in rural Georgia and see those sad pockmarked faces all too often.

  3. Tonight CBS reported they did not think much of this. According to them it is just talk because he did not allocate any money to go with it.

    Patty, lots of this problem is that people get hooked on prescription drugs then eventually do their buying on the street. CBS reported a hit just cost $5.

  4. The problem is the marijuana that is out there now is not the same drug that was on the streets in the 60’s and 70’s. Back then the THC content was 5 – 7%. Now it’s 15 – 20%. Legalization did not prove to be the panacea that was expected in Colorado. The tax was so high that the illegal market continued and now they are having problems with people driving while stoned.

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