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Mainstream Media Gushes Over Jeff Flake

I love it. Sen. Jeff Flake, a friendly-style conservative Republican from Arizona, would be the bogeyman wrapped up in a nice guy Halloween costume for the media under normal circumstances. You know, he wants to hurt poor people, take away everyone’s health care, dispatch women to back alley abortions, the whole thing.

Except, of course, if he opposes President Trump. Then he’s a “principled” man.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

6 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Gushes Over Jeff Flake”

  1. Flake is a favorite of CBS along with Collins, Graham and, of course, Schumer. Flake reminds me of ex Texas Republican Senator Phil Graham who loved being on camera.

    1. And Murkowski. And Songbird McShame. And Corker. Should I go on? Or do you get the picture?

      The common trait is Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill.

      By the way, the those Rove Republican bastards are not doing ANYTHING to help Judge Roy Moore win the general election in December. Please remember that when they ask for YOUR support next year…

  2. SenFlake never had a harsh word or complaint about Barack Obama’s Presidency, no matter what outrage or action. When Obama appeared on late-night TV acting a fool, he said nothing. When Obama issued unconstitutional E.O.s, he said nothing. When MrsObama ran amok in the WhiteHouse in a gunny sack, he said nothing.
    He told the AZ voters he was going to repeal Obamacare, that he would fix the illegal alien problem, and a lot of other things that were important. He didn’t do any of that.

    He doesn’t like MrTrump, never did, never will. He is leaving the Senate because he won’t win a reelection battle with anyone. The voters are sorely disappointed in their choice to put him in the Senate.
    The moral and ethical ground he stands on is shaky because it is built on personal dislike and a lot of lies.
    As for his new “friends” on the left, he’ll find the same reception as Megyn Kelly now receives from the MSM people as time goes on.
    Loyalty is a concept that neither understand.

  3. Jeff Flake not only denigrated President Trump but also his Arizona constituants who voted for him. We are not deluded simpletons blindly following the President. We did not vote for the President because of his political discourse. We have heard more than enough of that out of DC. The majority of Arizonans voted for the President because the things he said he would do were important to us, and he is delivering on those promises at an amazing pace. All talk, no action isn’t cutting it any more, Senator Flake. Since he is no longer able to represent the will of the people of Arizona, it is time for him to go. We didn’t send him to DC to represent himself but us.

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