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Trump: “I think the Press Makes Me More Uncivil than I am”

“I went to an Ivy League college. I was a nice student.”

Very nice! Wondaful! Highly intelligent! He always reminds me of my aunt, who lives in Queens.

I think President Trump works pretty hard on this all on his own.

Here is the rest of what amounted to yet another impromptu news conference Trump held just before flying to Dallas to raise some money.

12 thoughts on “Trump: “I think the Press Makes Me More Uncivil than I am””

  1. I believe he is a nice man. He has lots of friends, is compassionate with others, cares for all of his children and never scorched his ex-wives like some rich guys like to do.
    Of course he’s intelligent. One doesn’t have to speak like a college English professor or give long windy word salad speeches such as a former President is famous for to be smart and knowledgeable about ..stuff.

    I listened to his odd presser on the grass. What the MSM got out of it and what I got out of it ….they can’t help it anymore, they’re going out of their way to hurt him. They pick some phrase, some answer to a vague question and run with it.
    Not one of the big MSM mentioned that he “wishes MrFlake well” or mentioned the productive meeting with other Repubs. The didn’t mention the disgusting faux Russian dossier paid for by Clinton – he did.
    Just wondering, can they keep this up for another three years, can they ignore what is good or happening? geez.

    1. They can, and they will. I’d like to see a reasoned analysis of how much more credibility they’ll lose between the coasts as they continue to prove the pen is nastier than the sword.

  2. OT: sexual harassment
    So now a woman steps up and accuses former PresBush, Sr of being a perv or touching her or something.
    A 100 women come out to accuse some guy of being a touchy feely guy.
    50 women claim assault or gross behavior by Weinstein.
    For pete’s sake, that kind of behavior is not new, not newsworthy or even (IMO) criminal so long as force by weapon, threat or physical assault was not part of it, or the victim was a minor.

  3. It’s getting ridiculous now. I sympathize with those who have suffered sexual assault. I was abused and raped by a stepbrother twice my age, starting when I was nine and going on until I was fourteen. I know what sexual abuse is, and a one-time pat on the ass is not it.

  4. I have a couple of concerns about all these people coming out of the woodwork now: 1) why didn’t they speak up before now when they could have (potentially) prevented others from becoming victims? In other words, there is nothing especially courageous about speaking out when someone like Harvey Weinstein is already on the way down. 2) Not all off color remarks, jokes or physical contact (a la first president Bush or even some of Joe Biden’s hugs) equate to sexual harassment. 3) Frivolous claims of sexual harassment may devalue other claims of actual sexual harassment (just like false claims of rape may cause some to disbelieve future claims of rape).

  5. I give President Trump credit for holding these impromptu press conferences, which he does with some regularity. It’s great he doesn’t shy away from the press. He’s obviously very confident in his own skin, I would say unlike former (I love that word) President Obama.

  6. I believe that Trump is right in both senses of the words. The press provokes him to be more uncivil than he is in a world without constant provocation AND the press reports his words in such a way as to make them appear more uncivil than they were.

  7. Not only does he get provoked by the media, he gets continual sniping from members of his own party in and out of office. Their constant, never-ending crap would tend to numb one after awhile, except that the attacks on Trump are really attacks on those of us who support him. The political moles, termites and cockroaches are just too damn chicken to pull a Hillary “deplorables” number — but you darn well known that’s exactly what they intend.

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