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Clinton Campaign Lied About Funding the Trump Dossier

This is pretty corrupt.

Maggie Haberman, one of the fairer members of the mainstream media – no, I’m not talking about her looks, leave me alone – tweeted this.

3 Responses to Clinton Campaign Lied About Funding the Trump Dossier

  1. I’m confused — the first time I heard about the “dossier” it was explained that it was a fictional document created by the FBI to show as an example to President Trump of the fake stuff that can be spread about a person.

    This made no sense to me — the FBI must have tons of fake info about previous Presidents — why write up a new one about Trump to show to Trump? And I remember Trump saying, “I know there are cameras in hotel rooms and I always warn people who travel with me to do nothing that they don’t want filmed.”

    I guess the original story was created to justify the FBI’s involvement in the “dossier’s” creation.

    Then the “dossier” began to be investigated and I wondered, “Why investigate something that we knew from the beginning was false?”

    The upshot — it was reported that on election night Hillary yelled, “If he wins, we’re all going to hang.” And I believe that report and I hope it proves to be an accurate prediction.

  2. […] The complicit media still steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that the democrats and the Clinton campaign committed multiple felonies in their quest to win the presidency/destroy Donald Trump with the use of a phony dossier,paid for by the DNC and the Clinton’s which was then used to obtain legal/illegal FISA warrants to unlawfully investigate people in Trumps orbit.Would that anybody pay a price for these illegal acts of subversion and,in the case of the uranium sellout,treason.They will not.We’ve known how completely corrupt the Clintons are,have been for decades and nothing has ever touched them.they are,for lack of a better term,above the law. Clinton Campaign Lied About Funding the Trump Dossier […]