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Liberal Students Like Trump’s Tax Plan When Told It’s Bernie’s

7 thoughts on “Liberal Students Like Trump’s Tax Plan When Told It’s Bernie’s”

  1. It’s time to raise the voting age back to 21.
    What in the world would a college student know about paying taxes, or how tax reform would help or hurt anyone?
    Ask me. Ask my neighbor. Ask the guy/gal who just got a raise in pay (yay) and found themselves in a higher tax bracket (boo).

    1. That happened to me back in DC. Got promoted “on paper,” even though I was essentially doing the same job. Looked at my pay stub and found I was making less after getting whacked with the higher taxes (both federal AND state).

      In hindsight, defecting to Florida is something I should have done years ago.

  2. This is hilarious – why didn’t he ask about lowering the corporate tax rate to 20%? (because Bernie wouldn’t do that). How about asking the students what they think about lowering the top individual income tax rate? Poor reporting.

    This is such a flawed video. They picked three policies that could very well be in a Democratic tax plan (except for getting rid of the estate tax, which the students clearly didn’t understand, it’s only for estates $5 million+!).

    I also don’t see the point in these videos. Students are still exploring their political inclinations. What does this say about anything – they should go to Liberty U. or another conservative school and see what they know about tax reform, my guess is less than these poor GW kids.

  3. The one female student astutely identified the point as being the mass conditioned response to
    reject any
    /everything when the trigger word ‘Trump’ is heard or seen which mental implantation is derived from all commercial print-image-audio media!

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