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Where’s the Outrage? Maxine Waters Vows to “Take Out Trump Tonight”

Here’s what Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters said recently to a New York audience. The remark was made ten days ago but appears to have just been dug up:

I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take Trump out tonight.

Not the boxing Ali, another one.

Now, what did she mean by this? I dunno. Maybe impeachment, which she often calls for, although it would be hard to accomplish that in a single evening. Maybe she wants to punch him in the face. Maybe she wants to “take Trump out” to dinner. Or maybe she’s joking that she wants to assassinate him.

But any way you look at it, it’s hugely irresponsible for a lawmaker, particularly one with a wide and enthusiastic following among Trump haters, to be talking about taking him out. This from the party that supposedly stands against incendiary rhetoric.

If a conservative congressman had said he wanted to take Barack Obama out when Obama was president, the noise from Democrats and the media would be deafening. There would be pompous inquiries on the editorial pages of the New York Times into the violence and racism that lurks within every conservative. Commentary would be made on the the Second Amendment and the need to keep guns out of the hands of right-wing lunatics. National soul-searching would be recommended.

But if Maxine Waters says it about Trump, fine. Her heart’s in the right place, even if she’s taking it a little far. You know how good ‘ole Auntie Maxine is.

7 thoughts on “Where’s the Outrage? Maxine Waters Vows to “Take Out Trump Tonight””

  1. Not being the PC commenter (as some know), the truth? No one cares what Maxine says or does, and now another Dem idiot has made the news with attacks on MrTrump and only the MSM cares.

    MsMaxine and her cheering fans believe that MrTrump is a racist, a “white supremist” who will make Blacks live in ghettos, suffer at the hands of drug dealers and venal gangs, and just live a miserable life – oh wait – they’re already there, living the nightmare provided by the oh-so caring Dems.
    The crazy hat lady wants people to believe that MrTrump hates the military, or the Black military or is a pure racist who hates everyone not like himself.

    The MSM pushes these odd people out there as if they can change minds or as proof that the people hate MrTrump for being , well, anything bad or everything hateful.
    As for taking MrTrump out – go for it Maxine, file impeachment papers for treason(?) or whatever makes you and yours happy.
    Take a knee, raise your fist, whine all you like, we don’t care anymore.

  2. Sounds like a liberal dog whistle or call to action against the President. That is out of bounds for any President from either party. She should be investigated, especially in light of the issue from the baseball practice where a House member was attacked.

  3. Ah, yes. Maxine Waters. another goofy fanatic who is a committed stooge of the Socialist Democrats of America (DSA) caucus of the United States Congress. Thought so. Whenever we hear a Congress Critter says something truly ignorant, we know they likely are members of DSA, which is affiliated with the Socialist Internationale.

    Here’s the list of DSA members in Congress so we can remind ourselves of the Enemy Within:

  4. She was once a LA city council woman. She was a max nut job then. She continues with that and her tiny brain. How morons get elected ? My state of California is also a nut job! The dumbest of the dumb come here and are welcomed with love and kisses from the present crazy nuts.

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