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Video || John Kelly Eloquently Eviscerates Rep. Frederica Wilson

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly explains that it was he who gave President Trump the phrase offering condolence that was misinterpreted and then seized for political purposes by the Democratic congresswoman.

18 thoughts on “Video || John Kelly Eloquently Eviscerates Rep. Frederica Wilson”

  1. WOW. Wish the entire video was there. None of us knows what to say when someone’s loved one passes whether it be nature or a violent act. We all struggle and that even includes the president of the US. Everything he does and says is not a crisis justifying such hatred. While I wish President Trump would hold his tongue more I agree with Mr Kelley when he talks about sacred things and how they are falling by the wayside. So true. I am not a prude but the openly cursing that is done in public by all walks and ages of life is heartbreaking. America needs to do some serious soul searching.

  2. If Mr. Trump descended from the Heavens tomorrow and revealed himself to be the real Jesus to the entire planet, the skeptics and naysayers would still boo and criticize. Who does he think he is? Look, no shoes, just sandals. And what’s with that white robe? So many are like an old typing drill that goes: He hits his head against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts. They have no idea how much he loves the United States of America and I pray for him every night.

  3. Powerful. Blessings to our active and retired military. Rest in peace to those who died in service to our country. May our nation live up to their sacrifices!!!

    1. As a widow of a vet and mother and grandmother of a son and grandson who are actively serving, I thank you on their behalf.
      May God also bless and keep you and grant you His blessings.

  4. More outrageous claptrap from Frederica Wilson:

    “The congresswoman said she has been getting threatening phone calls from white nationalists and now hearing what Kelly said at the White House, but she appears to be unfazed.

    “You mean to tell me that I’ve become so important that the White House is following me and my words?” she said laughing. “This is amazing. That’s amazing. I’ll have to tell my kids that I’m a rockstar now.””

    It’s all turned into a “look at me” event for Frederica Wilson. White Nationalists? What’s the next lie, the KKK burning crosses outside her Congressional office?

    Turns out she generally votes NO when it comes to helping veterans and their families. So she can put on her “I’m a certified hypocrite” badge and feel very much at home wearing it.

    1. On CBS Evening News tonight they reported on this. She said Gen Kelly would say anything to keep his job. As you say she is unfazed.

      She is known for wearing hats. She has a large collection. Maybe someone will send her a Dunce Hat.

    2. A rock star? Not with a croaker like hers. I’d rather listen to “Achy Breaky Heart” for 72 consecutive hours, than listen to that harridan for 72 consecutive seconds.

      On the other hand, she might make a decent dancer, though. I mean, you’ve REALLY got to have some kind of choreographic acumen to not fall flat on your ass when you’re doing a tap dance on a fallen soldier’s grave.

  5. Listening to Gen. Kelly speak, I felt as if I had at last arrived home after a long and ugly journey. The values he described and the way of life they construct is what we once had, and living cartoons like the Congresswoman have destroyed in the service of ego.

  6. General Kelly had the best description of Ms Wilson — an empty barrel makes the most noise. He burned her down, right to the last brick, and her only response — can you say ‘parrot’? — was to call him a racist. What I would characterize her as would get me barred from this site. What I would, as a vet, like to see happen to her could get me arrested. She is stand-out despicable in a Congress and a party of despicables — a Maxine Waters-wannabe without an ounce of grace or class, not fit to do the laundry of the Sergeant whose widow she claims to support. She’s a pig without an ounce of honor; has no concept of it.

  7. The ignorant sl-t (Wilson) is in line with countless billions- past & present- for Luke 19: 27! Being a soldier physically for Nation and/or spiritually for Christ commands such a high rank of character that it is no wonder our boomer celebrity cosmopoliticians (Trump excepted) appeal to the pop-culture, commercialized, alien-minded moronic hordes , from welfare recipiants to mid-level professionals to the ‘owners’ of earth, who have stolen the American identity!

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