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Trump Attacks “Fake Media” For Not Covering Obama-Russia Uranium Deal

President Trump is wondering where the enthusiasm is, and has been, among reporters for covering the millions of dollars given by Russia to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation and the subsequent agreement by the Obama administration, of which Hillary was then Secretary of State, to allow a Russian state-controlled company to buy up a portion our uranium supply.

The Hill reported this week that the administration approved the deal giving Moscow control over 20 percent of U.S. uranium supplies despite evidence of a corrupt scheme by Russian nuclear officials to expand their business in the United States.

5 thoughts on “Trump Attacks “Fake Media” For Not Covering Obama-Russia Uranium Deal”

  1. Meanwhile Bill Clinton was in 10 Downing Street today meeting the UK Prime Minister Theresa May. She’ll have rapist Bill in but not Donald Trump. It was bad enough we had Killary for several days now we’ve got him. For what it’s worth May’s had a lot of criticism on twitter for it. She’s clueless.

  2. Sessions was asked yesterday by Sen. Grassly what was being done about this incident.

    Session’s told him that people have been jailed over their involvement in this issue.

    Robert Mueller was head of the FBI at the time.
    Hillary was involved along with Bill, and by the very nature of the transaction, Barack Obama.

    It makes you wonder why these people aren’t being investigated by Sessions.
    This has nothing to do with his recusing himself from the Trump/Russian collusion.
    What pray tell is he waiting for?

  3. Last nigh Hannity devoted most of his program about this. This morning Fausta posted on her blog an article about it. Her closing statement was “Don’t hold your breath that this will make front page news”.

    What the Clinton Foundation did in Haiti should be brought to light too. Howard Dean came out several days ago that the Clinton Foundation should be put in charge of Puerto Rico. How ridiculous!!

  4. Why? Because it would expose Obama and his minions as the stupid, greedy, incompetent jerks that only saw government service as a means to get rich.
    The Clintons would be exposed as evil, criminal operatives who used their public service as a cash cow – selling favors, seeking donations that were never used as promised, and a means to fill up their empty purse.
    The MSM and their followers would have to finally admit that MrTrump was right, that a lot of crooked dealings were done by the Clintons, and have to admit that the Obama legacy is debt, crime, riots, and failures.
    Not gonna happen.

  5. There are times we wish Trump wouldn’t tweet, correct?

    And then there are times like this when we’re glad he does. Because this FORCES the media to cover it.

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