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Gold Star Dad: Hey Trump, Where’s My 25 Grand, Dammit??

First of all, to Chris Baldridge, father of Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge, who was killed in Afghanistan: I am very sorry for your loss. I have a son, and I can’t imagine what you are going through.

However, you have now chosen to make yourself part of the crusade against President Trump waged by Democrats, who attack him not only when he screws up but when he’s trying to do good things, like give comfort to Gold Star families and help Puerto Rico — which he rightly points out contributed to its own destruction by not managing its affairs but which will still receive billions in federal aid.

The president of the United States spent 15 minutes of his valuable time talking to you. You complained during the conversation, obviously hoping the president would somehow get you some cash, that your wife was the beneficiary of your son’s $100,000 death gratuity, and that you don’t have much money. Trump apparently graciously offered you $25,000 out of his own wallet to help you out. But the check never arrived.

Instead of contenting yourself with a decently long, obvious more-than-pro-forma phone call from the president, you went to the Washington Post and joined in the anti-Trump pile-on, complaining that an additional condolence he provided in the form of a letter had no money with it.

“I opened it up and read it, and I was hoping to see a check in there, to be honest . . . I know it was kind of far-fetched thinking. But I was like, ‘Damn, no check.’ Just a letter saying ‘I’m sorry,’” you told the Post, which of course put six reporters on this vital story.

Sure, Trump should have sent the money he promised. But he has more than fulfilled his obligation to you. It is quite possible that he was being sincere in his offer, and that his failure to get you your check was simply an oversight. To allow yourself in this context to become part of the media feeding frenzy and systemic Democrat effort to take down the president is disgraceful, even for someone who is grieving terribly.

The federal entitlement state and the various grievance lobbies that support it have helped create a general sense of entitlement — and grievance — in the country. The notion of generosity to others has been transferred over the past several decades from victims’ friends, neighbors, and countrymen to the impersonal, cold hand of the state, and so everyone thinks they are entitled to things and nobody is particularly thankful.

Socialism steals the soul of a nation and ultimately makes it poorer too. In an effort to immunize society from all pain and random consequence, the Left has created a culture in which giving is an obligation — that is, paying lots of taxes — and taking is a right. And so a man can run to the press demanding $25,000 from the president. And the mayor of San Juan can sink her teeth into the hand that is trying to feed her city and demand to know why billions of dollars in generous aid aren’t getting to her faster — without a hint of shame over her island’s prior condition or gratitude for the help.

12 thoughts on “Gold Star Dad: Hey Trump, Where’s My 25 Grand, Dammit??”

  1. The mother got the death benefit of $100,000, but he doesn’t have much money. Are they estranged? Did he abuse the son in some way that he deliberately left the benefit to her?

    What evidence is there that Trump promised this guy $25,000 and who decided that?

    I would love to have heard that conversation …

    Inquiring minds…

  2. A few thoughts from a 24yr Marine. #1- Trump should have NEVER waded into this topic. Saying that former POTUS’s never made calls to the families of the fallen was outright BS. A phone call to the widow of a fallen serviceman should be private and not put out for public consumption. Additionally, I have NEVER heard of a President or any public official offering any amount of money to a family member of the fallen. It reeks of stupidity at best. #2- Dragging his CoS, General Kelly, into this as a Gold Star family was absolutely disgusting. If I was Kelly I would have ripped his a$$ after those comments. #3- This Congresswoman is a Trump hater, through & through. Trump could cure cancer and this scallywag would still complain. #4- Keith, Puerto Rico is not a country, it is a commonwealth of the US just like Guam and the US Virgin Islands.
    I’ve worked for both Gen Kelly and Gen Mattis during my career and they are not the type to tolerate the politicization of the fallen. Just my .02 cents.

    1. “A phone call to the widow of a fallen serviceman should be private and not put out for public consumption.”

      Tell it to the left.

      Being nice – or even civil – to the left has gotten us nowhere.

      Eff them. War.

    2. You need some education and manners. Kelly told him what to say based on what he had been told to say when he made calls. No, Trump should not have offered this idiot money if he did. The man didn’t care about his son, only money. You need to sit down and listen so you may learn at some point how to behave.

  3. Well the media have to have something to blab about to cover over the Clinton Foundation Russia Uranium money trail. Now they would never cover that would they?

  4. I can see why the brave, fallen soldier didn’t leave Dad anything. His son dies and he’s whining that he, HE, doesn’t have any money and it’s not “fair”.
    He deserves a public shaming for trying to cash in on his son’s death….just like others before him.

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