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Video || Sanders Says Gen. Kelly “Disgusted” by Politicization of Soldiers’ Deaths

The White House is fighting back hard against accusations that President Trump was all wrong in his phone call with the wife of one of the slain American soldiers. I don’t know

I don’t know what terrible thing he could have said or what context it was said in. Trump doesn’t always not mangle his meaning when he talks. But it is impossible to imagine that he intentionally wanted to hurt a grieving wife. Perhaps in his odd way, he was trying to make her feel better, suggesting that the soldier, La David Johnson, knew he was doing his duty and the job he loved. I don’t know. But emotions are running high among his loved ones, and perhaps a slight is easily perceived, but of course, the media love the narrative that Trump is insulting a black family in its moment of desperate need.

Maybe Trump could have spoken more carefully. Maybe he is human, though, too. I’m sure Obama would have gotten every word just right, and probably with a half-human, half-Vulcan quantity of emotion.

9 thoughts on “Video || Sanders Says Gen. Kelly “Disgusted” by Politicization of Soldiers’ Deaths”

  1. “half-Vulcan”. How true.
    This whole kerfuffle is getting out of hand and downright inane.
    Anyone who has lost a loved one (almost everybody) has a short tale of someone offering condolences by saying the wrong thing or (my fav) “it was a blessing…” Right.
    I know how you feel. I lost ____.
    You’ll get over this.
    He/she had a good long life.
    What will you do now?
    Y’know, ___ said if anything happened to him/her, I was to get the _____.

    Sometimes the best way is to say nothing and gently shake one’s head while holding the grieving’s hands.

  2. Given his under-grad military schooling and his record (the REAL record; not the media’s version) of his regard for the military, I have no doubt this reporting was truly “out-of-context” and President Trump meant only good things to be heard by our latest “Gold Star Mother.”

    Damn the media—Full speed ahead.

    1. I’ll repeat what I posted earlier.
      When President Trump visited Arlington, he was met by a child dressed in a miniature Marine Dress Blue uniform.
      This very young man invited Trump to vist the grave of his kia father.
      Trump took the child’s hand and walked over and gave his respects.
      Need I say more about Trumps respect for our fallen?

  3. Look, we all know this is another example of how the fascist Democrats and the corporate media will use every tool to make President Trump look nasty, anti-military, insensitive, uncaring in order to turn people against him. That’s all this is and everyone knows it.

    1. Marcus…as always you make great points… will have to offer a friendly arm-wrestle on the “everyone knows it” part —

      I think many on the left think that Trump is the devil himself and is truly insensitive, et al.

      I think everyone of us thinking folks knows it, however.

  4. They analyze his every last word these days and it’s ridiculous. Whatever he does or says they say the opposite, that about sums it up. Criticized if he speaks, criticized if he doesn’t speak, on it goes.

    1. Interesting that the same “in-depth” analysis was not offered when a certain first-term senator was running for President nine years ago. Of course, though, every word of his was golden.

  5. Even some of the Right writers are making hay with this. Shame on you all.
    I don’t always agree with DT, he doesn’t always make pretty prose, but I certainly do not think he would be intentionally cruel to a family who lost a loved one in battle. What irony that the shameful, self serving, ugly, nasty witch from Florida – Frederica “Hats” Wilson, is using this young man’s death as a way to score political points. It is she who is causing the most pain and suffering for this family.
    I wish she would choke on her vile words.
    Military members sign up to serve their country (at least most of them do). But in their minds they carry the possibility that they could actually give their lives in that service.

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