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McCain to Reporter: “Why Would You Ask Something that Dumb?”

A reporter, apparently from Fox News – MSNBC wants to make a big deal of this – asked Sen. John McCain whether his relationship with the president had deteriorated to the point that he would block anything that comes down from the White House.

McCain was furious. “Why would you say something that stupid? Why would you ask something that dumb?”

Well, a couple of things on this.

First of all, the basic question is not dumb, but it was worded in a dumb way. I have little doubt that McCain’s personal pique at the president, probably stemming from Trump ridiculing his capture by the Vietnamese, is what caused the senator to sink the Obamacare “repeal” bill. His explanation that he did it because proper Senate procedures were not followed doesn’t hold water. So while McCain certainly isn’t going to block everything Trump proposes, if it comes from Trump, it will affect how he considers it. And that’s probably why McCain got so angry, because he knows there is truth in the question.

Another thing to note is that this is a McCain that used to be better known around Capitol Hill. He was viewed years ago as a hothead, but over the years, seemed to get it pretty well under control. That this outburst is happening now is somewhat suspicious. I know it’s not polite to say this, but at some point, the brain tumor that is going to kill him will start affecting his judgment and his behavior.

I feel horrible about it because I got to know McCain covering him years ago and got to like him immensely on a personal level, even if I sometimes disagree with what he does politically. But it will be important for him to make a determination about when he has reached the point at which he can’t perform his duties, because with the margin so close in the Senate, he wields enormous power, as we have seen.

12 thoughts on “McCain to Reporter: “Why Would You Ask Something that Dumb?””

  1. He didn’t answer the question, did he? McCain is a jerk and always has been. The better question is……You campaigned for reelection on repeal and replace of Obamacare. How could it have hurt to cast your vote to discuss the repeal portion? Can the people you represent believe you anymore?

    1. No. We don’t believe that no neck liar. For years & years mccain campaigned on building the wall. How many years ago??? Do we have a wall? No. He saunters into AZ, has townhalls that are by invitation only and never represents our interests. He’s useless & needs to go away. And yes, Keith, his tumor will affect his poor judgement & accelerate his jealousy of President Trump.

  2. McStain crashed many air force planes before being shot down. Bad pilot and worse Senator!

    Last in class and now has no class!

    His brain cancer is treatable so he will be around for a long time, doctors say.

    1. Not a glioblastoma. That is a quick killer like lung cancer. (Unless he gets some millionaires medical treatment unknown to us lowly peons.)

      1. In a sense I was thinking of the same thing.
        McCain could, maybe, redeem himself by leaving his office in a blaze of glory, doing what is truly in the best interest of America.
        His past forgiven, and be remembered as a great statesman, but he choose to be remembered as a bitter old man, whose frail ego surpassed his love of country.

        1. Yes, there was a time when i thought Mcjerk was a good, solid conservative,But have found him to be lying,crass, evil, Christian hating dirt bag. why you Arizona’s keep putting him in office is a puzzle.

  3. I am trying to understand how hatred can drive a man to continue in office, with a judgement impairing brain tumor, instead of gracefully stepping down and spending the time he has left with his family. So he is going to let hatred for President Trump, basically kill him.

    1. McCain’s hatred for Trump overrides any loyalty or ability, to serve the American people. McCain will tenaciously hang on to power until he breathes his last.

  4. McCain lost his credibility plot a long time ago. I imagine George Soros, a heavy contributor to McCain’s re-election campaigns, is very pleased with his investment in McCain.

  5. McCain is and as far as I can tell always has been an angry man. Certainly, the man has reasons stemming perhaps from an experience no sane person would want to have. That said, however, McCain comes across as the guy Dylan Thomas had in mind when he wrote “Do not go gentle into that goodnight…” Still OK, except that his righteous anger is leading him to behave in decidedly unrighteous ways that certainly hurt many who have done him no disservice.

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