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Reporters: Trump Far More Accessible than Obama

So for all the groaning about President Trump beating up on reporters, turns out he is taking way more questions than President Obama, according to White House reporters interviewed by Politico.

And it’s true. Reporters have access to Trump almost every day. Obama was like some imperial satrap who would emerge from the Forbidden City every now and then to entertain a few queries from his subjects.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not so bad on Trump singling out for opprobrium individual reporters and news organizations. After all, Obama already normalized that. Trump has right to fight back against biased reporting. But I think it’s outrageous that he threatens broadcast licenses. It’s an attack on free speech by the government. That said, he’s giving reporters plenty of opportunities to do their jobs.

From Politico:

Jonathan Karl, the ABC White House reporter, had a surprising comment after Monday’s impromptu press conference by President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “I have probably had more opportunities to ask questions of President Trump over the past two weeks than I had of President Obama during the last two years of his presidency.”

The latest example was Monday, when Trump suddenly decided to have a full press conference in the Rose Garden and dragged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell out there with him.

Of course, some reporters complain even about that.

It was the latest example of Trump shunning the traditional, formal press conference normally associated with the presidency in favor of more freewheeling, impromptu exchanges. Though reporters say they appreciate the opportunity to ask questions, the scene created by press conferences like today’s may provide the exact type of image that could help the president in his ongoing battle against the press.

“It maximizes his advantage. Less time to prepare, the press is a little caught off guard,” said one White House reporter. It’s not that reporters have a hard time coming up with questions on the fly, he said, but the scenes of reporters jostling with each other for space and shouting questions over each other—like they were today—creates “a visual that works for him.”

On the other hand, the reporter agreed with Karl that Trump takes questions from reporters more often than Obama.

In terms of access to the president, this is the best situation I’ve seen since the last days of the Clinton administration, when a desperately needy Bill Clinton, dreading the approaching end of his presidency, would take questions until reporters had actually run out of them.

3 thoughts on “Reporters: Trump Far More Accessible than Obama”

  1. According to some pundits and opinion-ators, MrTrump is alone, wandering the halls talking to ghosts of long gone people, isolated, distressed, left with no friends at all. The theme here is that he has lost reason or sanity and is now wallowing in despair.
    What we, the little people in fly-over country see is a man engrossed in his agenda, moving the country back to law and order, instituting real reforms to some of the worst of Obama’s evil pen, and a man with a huge loving extended family and a whole “binder” full of friends and supporters.
    OK, the elite or established pols don’t care for him, but there was little love between Congress and Obama. Obama surrounded himself with fickle entertainers and old friends, ignoring the very people who were giving him support.
    Now, a President who gives access to the Press (as he should) finds that it’s the odd word or phrase he utters that makes the news cycle and not the pertinent information the people should hear about.
    No wonder he “threatens”, he should. Some of the MSM are gross liars and do cause untold harm. The Press doesn’t have to love him, or praise him the way they did Obama, but the people demand to hear the truth – or else, we ignore them to find the truth elsewhere.

  2. If I were the president, I would avoid the media like the plague. He takes continuous abuse, they hate him so why bother? 0 was the laziest president in this boomer’s lifetime. I’ve read too many books and found out about Valjar running the show, long before anyone knew who she was, while 0 was in his mancave. All this before the internet did a major lockdown;)

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