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In Britain, Hillary Defends Kneeling NFL Players

Speaking to a foreign audience, Hillary Clinton Sunday defended NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem, saying they are doing it to protest racism in the criminal justice system and counter “dog whistles” by President Trump to his base.

Hillary was promoting her new book at Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival:

You have to resist what are very clear, what we call, “dog whistles” to that base. That’s what black athletes kneeling was all about. That’s not against our anthem or our flag. Actually, kneeling is a reverent position. It was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system.

So here we have someone who was very nearly president approving of people disrespecting the flag and the National Anthem. Meantime, she’s confirming her “deplorables” remark by suggesting Trump’s base is comprised of a bunch of racists. And doing it to the applause of a foreign audience.

Hillary Clinton’s election would have marked the potentially irreversible final step in the march of socialism that is trampling our nation, and the end of traditional notions of American civic pride. Trump voters understood that Hillary and her backers would have eviscerated whatever is left of the culture. We are extremely fortunate this person never became president.

20 thoughts on “In Britain, Hillary Defends Kneeling NFL Players”

  1. I believe these kneelers have the right to protest; yet, it should be done on their time. Last night I watched the Broncos and Giants. The broadcast started with the pre game talk session and then went straight to the kick off.

    1. If any other “average Joe” tried the kneeling crap in their workplace, they’d be fired pronto. I don’t care what spoiled NFL players do off the field, legally, but I’ve a real dislike about doing this while they’re getting paid lots of money when they should be working. Sorry about the long sentence, but needed to vent.

      1. I agree. These football players are employees of a corporation, and corporations have expectations and rules of behavior for their employees. Most of us have signed these “rules of employee behavior” documents when we were hired. There is no First Amendment issue here—the First Amendment addresses GOVERNMENT interference and censorship of free expression, not private corporate or employer rules of behavior (saying whatever you want to say or do, when you want to say or do it, how you want to say or do it). If you sign a, for example, non-disclosure agreement with your employee, you can be summarily fired for violating that agreement. These football players sign a contract with rules about honoring the flag, behavior at game opening, etc. They have violated those rules. Some companies even require a non-disclosure agreement when you leave the company or retire. I know I had to sign such an agreement.

  2. this woman will do and say anything to stay in the light. it’s fading fast and once it’s gone, she will go nuts trying to figure out a way to get back in it even if she has to try and run for president again in 2020. her family needs to let her know that her time has past and she just looks like an old lady trying to be revelent.

    1. She’s in the UK at the moment (poor us!) and she’s had another “episode”. She’s missed all her appointments today (3 broadcasts 2 on TV 1 on the radio). She was partying last night with her “friend” Huma Abedin and claims to have fallen over and hurt herself. So no show. She was an hour late yesterday for another booking. 12 secret service men accompanying her and helicoptered everywhere and she says she’s exhausted as well.
      Anyway comments under article are very enlightening as to what people really think of her…

      1. Hillary was clearly unfit for the Presidency because of her obvious health and psychological issues, as well as for her complete lack of high principled behavior as evidenced by her life of devious and highly questionable behavior. We can go all the way back to when she was fired by fellow Democrats from the Watergate Investigation Committee for her unethical behavior. She wrote a fraudulent legal brief and confiscated public documents to hide her deception and that got her butt thrown out the door.

        Lots of stories about her firing from the Watergate committee. Here’s one for those who didn’t know how far back her corruption goes:

      2. A broken toe? In a boot with crutches? Ha ah haha….I limped around 2-3 months with a broken toe just wrapped to its neighbor toe.

      3. I think she’s trying to stay alive and functioning just long enough for another run in 2020…sounds like it’s not going well so far.

        What happened to the days when the losing presidential candidate would just quietly disappear?

  3. NFL prima donnas can do whatever they want, ON THEIR TIME, not my dime.
    It’s a work place issue, not a 1st Amendment one.
    As OKLady pointed out, try pulling a stunt like that next time you’re at work.
    A employer can set the rules.
    Don’t like it.
    Find another place to work.

  4. Memo to Hillary:
    Refusing to stand for our Nat’l Anthem is not a protest against racism in Black neighborhoods or anywhere else.
    If the footballers want to protest perhaps they should go kneel in front of their local police station where they claim the racism is rampant against Black criminals.
    As for your support of the footballers silly kneeling, lets see you join them next Sunday on the field. They surely would welcome you.
    A Deplorable

  5. Pitiful. Glad she’s all for the kneeling. Quit trying to make yourself relevant. It’s like a kid trying to be popular by agreeing with the latest fad. You’re not one of the cool kids no matter what you do.

  6. “We are extremely fortunate this person never became president.”–Keith

    I’m guessing it took a bit of restraint to just leave it at “person,” huh? :p

  7. Would ‘What the Sam Hill’ Clinton & her minority boy friends ‘drop the knee’ face to face with the Prince of Peace? Her eventual demise may simulate that of the lead Bolshevik Vladimir Ulyanov- a.k.a.Lenin…

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