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Trump Schedule || Sunday, October 15, 2017

President Trump has no publicly scheduled events. He is spending the day at his golf club in Northern Virginia, where he is golfing with Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

9 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Sunday, October 15, 2017”

    1. Thanks for the link OTimer.
      The gravey train for the UN is rolling to a stop.
      A book about butcher Guevara in the World Register ?

  1. Sen Paul? good guy. I e-mailed his website once about 2 years ago. I get biweekly updates from the Senator (not my Senator).
    MY Senators don’t know me until they need my vote, dirty rascals.
    They (Flake) are out of luck this election, if he makes it to the General. I’ll be forced to write in “Daffy Duck”.

    1. Pretty sure he incorporates work with that, unlike the previous golf guy.
      It’s also quite difficult to hide out for the weekend while so many, many, many horrible things are happening every where you look.

      1. Right, Island Girl. Obama only golfed with the same folks… his friends and cronies. President Trump golfed with Sen Graham on Saturday. Ike also golfed in order to visit with people he needed in order to get things done.

    2. “Nacy” how many hundreds of US troops died under Dear Leader Obama…?
      (and a US Ambassador was murdered by terrorists under Obama…)

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