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Hey #NeverTrumpers, What’s Not to Like?

Some conservatives are so unyielding in their hatred of President Trump that they fail to recognize that they are living under the most conservative and decisive president since Ronald Reagan.

Take a look at a few actual headlines, just from today:

  • Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal, slaps sanctions on IRGC in broadside at ‘radical regime’
  • Trump to issue stop-payment order on health care subsidies
  • Trump praises Judeo-Christian values
  • US, Israel to exit UNESCO over its alleged anti-Israel bias

This is a conservative wish list that none of the other more “normal” candidates in the 2016 primaries would have dared attempt.

Consider what you are seeing above. He’s starting to jettison the hated Obama Iran nuclear deal; having failed to get Congress to pass Obamacare repeal, he’s undermining the law in an attempt to force new legislation next year; he’s praising the values on which this country was founded; and he finally just did something Republicans have been talking about for years – he withdrew the United States from the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel UNESCO.

The problem with more passive, more even-keeled politicians is they get used to the status quo, even if it features things they opposed, like Obamacare or the agreement with Iran. They end up not wanting to rock the boat.

Trump is dynamic. If he sees a boat in still water, he’s going to make some waves. That’s why the American people put him in office, and not Marco Rubio. Can you imagine Marco taking all or even a couple of these actions, let alone in one day?

But of course, all Trump will get for it from the #NeverTrump conservative writers is some more psychoanalysis and suggestions that he be removed from office before he starts World War III and, if that doesn’t kill enough people, World War IV.

10 thoughts on “Hey #NeverTrumpers, What’s Not to Like?”

  1. Word on another site is the FBI has “found” the Lynch-Clinton meeting on the tarmac documents.
    I reckon that explains why Hillary attacked the President today.

  2. But he’s Trump! He’s the enemy! He hates everyone! All his ideas and actions are hateful!
    All my friends hate Trump! He’s crazy!

    A year of hateful, insulting, erroneous comments by people who pollute our TV and pose as loving humans in front of anyone who will listen is the reason he will never get the credit or praise for making anything better or not so bad.
    Now and then, some MSM liar will claim that he isn’t keeping his campaign promises. Those who hate Trump should be happy, but they’re not – they can’t figure out if they should like he’s a failure or not.
    The poor misguided (/s/) people who voted for MrTrump know who’s to blame for the stagnant, toxic aura that stinks up everyone’s lives – and it’s not him.

  3. I’m reminded of the song “Tree House” by Christian alt-rock group Adam Again.

    Some kids from the apartments
    Were out playing in a field
    When they came across a clubhouse in the sky
    But the big kids pulled the ladder up
    Once they got inside
    And the little kids below began to cry

    In the valley city families struggle to survive
    Minimum wage becomes their self esteem
    And the real estate developer
    Took over their hillside
    A thousand homes like only in their dreams

    One of these days
    We might understand
    The last will be first in the end
    And if we wait too long
    For them to come down to the rest of us
    There’s gonna be a fire in the tree house

    Children ought to play together
    Someone throw the ladder down

    Small children and their mothers
    Brave the winter all alone
    They pray their sun will shine another day
    I know they call it the homeland
    But it must not feel like home
    Go on and hang your heads, Daddy’s far away

    One of these days
    We might understand
    The last will be first in the end
    And if we wait too long
    For them to come down to the rest of us
    There’s gonna be a fire in the tree house

    Children ought to play together
    Someone throw the ladder down
    Children ought to play together
    Someone throw the ladder down

    Must we beat our brothers down?
    Must we make our sisters frown?
    If we look into their eyes
    Surely we will recognize
    Our own true flesh and blood
    Our own flesh and blood
    Our own

    I never thought I’d ever see the day when that song–which was originally written about apartheid–would sound like a current-events song in the US.

    Yet that is what I see. America, in 2017, is dealing with an apartheid all its own. America being a nation of ideas, its current apartheid is, ironically enough (or fittingly enough; YMMV), an intellectual one.

    I know of no candidate for high elective office, anywhere, from any era, that would have dared to publicly display the same level of sneering condescension that we heard in “basket of deplorables.”

    And yet, that attitude seems to be what a dispiriting number of Americans, who don’t live between I-5 and I-95, seem to have.

    Trump was sent to Washington to “throw the ladder down.” No wonder the “big kids” in the Beltway treehouse are putting up such a fight.

  4. Re: UNESCO

    The Director-General of UNESCO is Irina Bokova. She has a communist/socialist background.

    The UN Secretary-General is Antonio Guierre, a socialist.

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