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Ed Klein: Clintons Knew About Weinstein; Hardly Spend Time Together

Of course they knew all about Weinstein. I’m increasingly convinced that everyone did, it was both an inside joke and one expressed openly several times. But they, like the Obamas, wanted his money and they wanted Hollywood on their side.

“The Clintons were very close, as you know, to Harvey Weinstein. He gave her tons and tons of money. Bill Clinton hung out with Harvey in Hollywood, with all the girls, and so forth. They knew about this . . . it certainly wasn’t a secret to the Clintons,” said Klein, who has a new book coming out, “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump,” which is published by my publisher, Regnery.

Even liberal CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin described the relationship the Obamas and the Clintons had with Weinstein as “a dark mark on their record.” Not that much darkness can be added to the Clintons’ record.

“I don’t think we can give the Clintons and the Obamas a pass here,” Toobin said on Anderson Cooper 360. Toobin noted that Weinstein’s behavior was widely known. “The Obamas and the Clintons embraced him, did fundraisers with him, paid tribute to him. I think it’s a dark mark on their record.”

9 thoughts on “Ed Klein: Clintons Knew About Weinstein; Hardly Spend Time Together”

  1. Everyone did not know, just the insiders and the political whores.
    Apparently, MrKlein knew but said nothing, wrote nothing, so he’s to blame along with those he tars with this criminal activity.
    Forcing women to submit to unwanted sexual advances or activity is illegal and has been for a long time.
    They’re all guilty. All of them that knew, that snickered about the pervert’s little games with vulnerable women, are as guilty as the perv.

    MrKlein thinks he’s above the dirt, but he’s right there with the Clintons and anyone else who failed to do anything or say anything.

    This isn’t about a powerful or wealthy man who has odd relationships with other willing adults, this is about a sexual predator who was permitted to hurt an untold number of young women for his own amusement.
    Shame on all of them.

    1. And those victims who moan and whine now had kept their dirty gobs shut for so many years just so they could be a disgusting Hollywood ‘star’. If they didn’t have enough self esteem to speak up THEN, just shut the heck up now. They’ve lived finely all these years…I don’t care now.

  2. Mod jail again. Haven’t been here for a while. Looks like MrK has painted and installed comfy chairs. Thanks for that. The metal folding chairs were very uncomfortable.

  3. To add to the everybody knew” list, here’s this:

    “Everyone knew [about Weinstein’s alleged behavior], just as they know about other high-profile people with power in the industry who get away with the exact same things,” said screenwriter and producer Kelly Marcel (“Saving Mr. Banks” and the upcoming “Venom.”) “This is far-reaching, it is endemic, and we have to believe that the toppling of this mogul will lead to the toppling of others…. This is a bigger issue than taking down one person.”

    And we all knew they knew, even as they tried to hide what they knew to advanced themselves in the sick world of Hollywood. It’s all becoming unraveled before everyone’s eyes.

  4. Could it be that Weinstine is part of the Clinton “Pizza Gate” ?
    WOW Pedophiles everywhere in nut bag Hollywood?

    Ricky Gervas said during the Oscars “I know what you did to get where you are”

  5. Not meaning to sound like I’m letting Harvey off the hook for his despicable behavior towards women, but Bill Clinton is guilty of the same crimes. How long can the Left blame Harvey, but not Clinton? The Left is painting themselves into an increasingly small corner, and surely ( I hope ) cannot have it both ways much longer.

  6. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.”. Mt 19:24

  7. The ancient sex religions, streamlined into 20th/21st century relevancy by the full employment of what women were primarily created for, (which is what the traditional marriage vows – in the Christian context- were scribed to protect women from in addition to elevating the male/female relationship), generate many nuclear reactors worth of evil energy that affords impressive success in all instances of legalized & protected filth, lies, & murders & making those who commit them status symbols!

  8. Ive spoken out..even when it was unpopular. And it cost me dearly. Now we have started to peel off the outer layers of the onion. Lets see what it reveals.

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