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Trump Demands Wall in Return for DACA

I think it’s an opening position in a negotiation. But who knows how much President Trump can get on immigration in return for allowing the “dreamers” to stay, which is a partial amnesty? Maybe, if the Democrats actually care more about people than having this as a political issue, they’ll give in on the wall or at least some other strong measures.

From an appearance on Hannity’s Fox News show Wednesday night.

5 thoughts on “Trump Demands Wall in Return for DACA”

  1. My advice to Congress: Let him begin to build that wall. If you don’t, he will beat you over the head during your reelection campaign.
    The public hasn’t changed their minds about illegal aliens sneaking across our borders, so beware of seeming to approve of this kind of illegal activity.
    The wall, if started today, won’t be finished for years, if at all. A southern border is miles long , and some of it has to be litigated or purchased from American property owners.
    Build the dang thing, get over it.

  2. A DACA was just accused of murdering a girl for spreading false rumors about her. The DACA population is a grab-bag with a sob story. We might as well leave the borders open if legal status is going to be handed to a nearly a million people because of a catchy nickname and few valedictorians.

    1. Sad stories indeed. I read that 40% of the Dreamers just have a high school education but if you look at the networks you would think all of them were university educated. Some are near 40 years old. Big problem is they will sponsor whole families to enter the US.

      1. …who will likely contribute little of value to America, while wiring their welfare money (i.e., our tax dollars) south of the border.

        After buying a Nintendo Switch for their half dozen anchor babies, of course.

  3. Making individuals brought into this country illegally legal by statute is unconstitutional because it would be ex post facto, prohibited by Article 1 of the Constitution. The only way to make them legal would be by pardon. You promised to follow the law, you said they must all go home. Do not negotiate away your oath.

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