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The GOP Becomes the Party of the Little Guy

Follow the money. Because, even though Democrats don’t like it, money is speech. It speaks louder than words. And those who believe in something put their money where their mouth is.

As they say.

If you want evidence that President Trump’s populist revolution has made the Republican Party the party of the people, look no further than the money. The donations.

An excellent but, of course, little-noted article by Matea Gold of the Washington Post reports that small-dollar donations – defined as $200 or less – to the Republican Party this year have vastly outpaced such giving to the Democrats.

According to the piece:

The $40 million in low-dollar donations the RNC has raised so far this year is the most the party has collected at this point in an election cycle since 2005, according to records compiled by the Campaign Finance Institute. And it outstrips small contributions going to the Democratic National Committee, which raised $25 million in such donations by the end of last month.

More money for the RNC is flowing through the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, which had pulled in $14.4 million as of June 30, including $11 million in donations of $200 and less, filings show.

This follows the incredible haul Trump amassed from small donors during 2016, according to the Post.

In his 2016 campaign, Trump raised an unprecedented $239 million from donors who gave him a total of $200 or less. That’s more than Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders combined pulled in from low-dollar contributors during the election — and beats the nearly $219 million that former president Barack Obama raised from small donors in his 2012 reelection, according to the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute.

Average Americans have been energized by Trump’s message that America can be still be retrieved from the clutches of the elite, whose policies have led to a destruction of the culture, tens of trillions of dollars in debt and unfunded obligations, existential threats from overseas, and a stagnant economy.

The establishment doesn’t get Trump’s appeal because it doesn’t even understand its own failure. They think Republican voters are idiots, but in fact, average people are far more perceptive about the peril facing America. They are willing to live with Trump’s weaknesses for a chance at redemption. Because like them, he is strong enough to absorb being called racist, uncaring, and intolerant in order to try to save the country they feel they are losing. Particularly to save the middle class and the poor – the very people liberals claim to champion – from the ravages of socialism, decadence, and a failure to understand our enemies.

It may take a little while, but the perception will catch up with reality. Democrats think of themselves as the party of the little guy. But increasingly, they are simply a clearinghouse for aggrieved factions and wealthy elites. If the country begins to understand the Republican party as the home of working and middle-class people – whatever their race or gender – then the GOP could become the majority party for decades.

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  1. Superb article. What the old school Democrats are completely missing is that we are in the throes of a major political sea change–Trump being the totem of the change. Political donations are a genuine measure of the change. People are fed up with the status quo, the backroom conniving and manipulations of the Weinstein/Clinton/corporate media school of politics. There’s more to come, we can be sure. It’s going to get noisy, messy and brutal. But the change is coming.

  2. This change didn’t just happen with the election of MrTrump, it started in 2009.
    It was there, out in the open, when the 2010 election results were made public.
    The mainstream or elites of both major parties refused to see it or acknowledge that their candidates didn’t represent the thinking of the voters.
    Then in 2012, 2014 elections, only a clueless or willfully blind pol couldn’t put the numbers to a change in the electorate.
    2016, Trump beats, smashes, destroys the big money, the favs of established entities, and the foot dragging or outright opposition of the Repubs.
    We saw it. We knew. They didn’t.

  3. Excellent article! I like the fact that Koffler has a better understanding of Trump voters than do most. He is correct when he says that we may not like all that Trump says, but we are very willing to overlook a lot of this because we understand he is our best and pretty much ONLY chance at returning some semblance of sanity to Washington DC. The GOPe is hopelessly self-centered, concerned about themselves, globalization, big money, lobbyists, and re-election. While the Democrats are strictly a party of hatred, division, race, gender, political correctness, and radicalization. Following the democrats will destroy us and we also know that. We understand that if we want to preserve the country we have been since our inception, we can’t just sit back and expect it to survive. Not with the almost constant attack it is under today. I love my country, and I want it to survive. Go Trump!

  4. An excellent analysis and so true. BUT — the Republican Party has to get this message across, that they are for the common folk.

    1. average household $4,000 tax cut…….

      opportunity to not be forced to purchase stupendously overpriced, high -deductbles, high premium health insurance from a market that has been decimated by the Unaffordable Care Act, Obozocare……….

    2. Amazing you have the gall to defend Obamacare even after KNOWING the crafters passed it on your “gullibility” (their words), stole 5 million health care plans to do it, and gave free healthcare to the poor on the backs of a betrayed Middle Class who was promised that their rates would go down rather than through the ceiling.

      If this is your idea of compassion, I’d hate to see you in a bad mood.

      As for “yuge” (sic) tax breaks for the rich, that’s absurd. Everyone knows that the rich don’t pay taxes (look at your own Party Playbook), ergo, they couldn’t possibly pay less.

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  6. The GOP is finally getting around to getting their message into the living rooms of the folks as well as promoting job giving businesses in the Board Rooms. If we continue to do so, we will win. Until now no party has seen the advantage of doing both.

  7. Everyone seems to be working really hard to avoid seeing the obvious. Yes, Trump represents to many people all the things Koffler suggests and that is why he was elected. But he is also a profoundly incompetent vulgarian, interested only in his own reputation. It’s like handing the keys to the family car to the mentally handicapped toddler. The fact that government suffers from a great many insider problems does not mean that any outsider constitutes an improvement. It’s hard to imagine a problem that the presence the likes of Trump would improve.

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