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Obama Interior Secretaries Spent $1M on Non-Commercial Travel

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is under fire for spending some $73,000 over the first eight months of the Trump administration on non-commercial travel.

That actually puts him below the pace of such spending by Barack Obama’s Interior Secretaries, who spent about $1 million over seven years.

So why didn’t we hear about it then? Because with Barack Obama now gone and a Republican in office, the press has gotten excited again about investigative reporting, that’s why.

According to CNN:

Just over $971,000 was spent on non-commercial travel for interior secretaries in the Obama administration during a seven-year period, according to records obtained by CNN.

That would include travel on both chartered planes as well as on Interior Department aircraft.

The Interior Department submitted records detailing the non-commercial travel of former secretaries Ken Salazar and Sally Jewell to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, saying $971,634 was spent on 81 trips. It came as part of a request to various Cabinet departments for their non-commercial travel records following recent controversy over Cabinet secretaries’ travel.

The non-commercial travel for current Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has so far cost $72,849 on six trips since he took office in March.

Props to CNN for doing a little journalism.

4 thoughts on “Obama Interior Secretaries Spent $1M on Non-Commercial Travel”

  1. Math is hard, but @$73K for six trips means about $10K per round trip. Assuming the Sec’y didn’t fly alone but was accompanied by his people – say 5 assistants, that comes to $2K per person per round trip. Right?
    We don’t demand that MrTrump’s cabinet people fly coach or on stand-by, so these figures would be about the same for first-class round trips for the Sec’y and his people.
    What we the people don’t like is when the POTUS (no matter who he is) flies off to a fundraiser or a 30 min see and be seen trip to a factory or a school. That’s where the big bucks are spent – for who knows how many people, who knows how many support planes, equipment, etc and all for an event that could be held in DC and/or a simply political move that has no value to the office or the people.

    ot: a little
    There is one tax-payer funded trip by one of Obama’s people that probably changed the conversation during the last election – DOJ’s LorettaLynch sitting on the tarmac at Sky Harbor airport waiting for former PresClinton to board so that they could have a private chat about….golf or grandchildren or the weather. /s/ At the time, I thought – what a waste of money, but that private plane and the two Dems talking set in motion FBI’s Comey’s decision not to ask for prosecution of Hillary’s bad actions, but to drag her over the coals of indignation.
    While Hillary is still asking “What Happened”, there are two events that caused her the most harm – one is the clandestine meeting on the airport tarmac and her stumbling into a van on 9/11.

    1. Many years ago I saw Strom Thurmond numerous times flying in coach. Once my husband saw him wandering around the Charlotte airport all by himself and helped him find his connecting flight to Augusta.

      If coach was good enough for Strom, it’s good enough for today’s government critters.

  2. O’Kkeef exposes NYT gate keeper and chief in charge of Propaganda is Comie’s God son!!!

    The Presstitutes are absolute scum…….Anti American commies!

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