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Obama, Clinton Silent on Weinstein

UPDATE: The criticism finally got to her. Hillary Clinton said Tuesday, “I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein.”

Here is the original story posted this morning:

Oh my goodness. The two great moral leaders of our time. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the greatest champions of women we’ve known since Ted Kennedy.

Okay, Ted Kennedy killed a woman and Hillary Clinton was married to a serial sexual harasser and alleged rapist, but whatever, play along with me, these are liberals and therefore by definition good people, okay??

Right. Back to our story.

Two of the greatest champions of women EVER. Women of all ethnic backgrounds. Even of women of XY chromosome backgrounds. ALL women.

A woman who based her presidential campaign on the fact that she was a woman. A man who did so much for women as president, including forcing others to fund the killing of their unborn children, and who appointed binders full of women to the Supreme Court.

These two are silent on Harvey Weinstein, the predator against women.

Because Harvey Weinstein gave them lots of money.

And because they are big, disgusting hypocrites.

Even CNN can’t believe it.

5 thoughts on “Obama, Clinton Silent on Weinstein”

  1. Take a physically unattractive man, surround him with wealth, give him the key that opens the gate to fame and fortune and you have….England’s King Henry VIII and Harvey The Terrible.
    It’s a fact of the human nature that if you want something bad enough and I have that something, you will cater to me and/or do what I tell you to do. It happens in every field, every human connection and it shouldn’t be that way, but it is.
    The Clintons, Obamas, et al don’t have to issue statements condemning Harvey’s sexual harassment because it means nothing and would just be virtue signaling by hypocrites.
    Why now, NYT? Was this a less than subtle warning to Hillary to shut up and retire to her home, or was it because Harvey wanted to make a positive film about the courageous Israelis, or just because they have run out of insults toward MrTrump and his supporters?
    No matter what, realists out here in fly-over country only see a reveal of what they already know – Dems and their minions are not very nice people and lie about everything.

    1. Absolutely outstanding. There it all is, in your cogent summary of the situation. It’s also the basic plot line for just about every play Shakespeare, Chekhov or Tennessee Williams (and many others) ever wrote…..a high compliment, indeed. Fat, evil rich dude uses his power and wealth to destroy the lives of everyone around him, and then claims it was all a misunderstanding when he’s caught.

    2. srdem, I must say that comparing the disgusting Weinstein to the magnificent Henry VIII is an insult to England’s most famous king! ;-)

  2. Yep, they took a bunch of money from the creep. They know they need to sit this one out, and only lose by drawing any attention to themselves on this. Chelsea Clinton fired off a tweet and got hammered.

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