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Wyoming School Offers “Shooting at Trump” as a Test Answer

From the Jackson Hole News & Guide:

One of the answers a Jackson Hole High School English teacher gave her students on a multiple choice quiz Thursday was “A) He was shooting at Trump.”

Teton County School District No. 1 confirmed the answer was on a quiz administered online by their secure learning management system. The quiz has since been taken down.

Jim McCollum was surprised when his son Rylee McCollum, a junior, came home and showed him a screenshot of the online test.

“I had to read it two times,” McCollum said. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'”

I’m sure the media will be outraged.

I thought they were conservatives out there. Et tu, Wyoming?

11 thoughts on “Wyoming School Offers “Shooting at Trump” as a Test Answer”

  1. Unbelievable. It blows my mind that anyone, particularly a so-called “teacher”, would include such a blatant threat to the President in a quiz. When are such leftist a$$holes going to be prosecuted for inciting violence against the duly elected President? isn’t there a law against doing this?

  2. That’s not as surprising as it should be, because every day someone says that MrTrump should be impeached, that he is insane, demented, a Nazi-lover, a sexist, racist, and now and then, some moonbat wishes someone would assassinate him.
    Everyday something.
    None of this is politics as usual, it’s inching us closer to some kind of civil war. Hopefully, it’s a “war” of words, not bullets, but who knows what the deranged leftists have in mind.
    Cities declare they won’t obey federal laws on immigration, and now, California has decided that the whole state is in defiance.
    Can we live where a city council or state legislature decides for it’s citizens that they won’t obey the law without some kind of altercations – bullets or in the courts.

    1. At some point, someone needs to invoke the 14th Amendment, declare it an insurrection/rebellion by sworn officials, and make them ineligible for public office (federal or state).

      That would lead to a lot of fresh faces and new ideas in Pyongyang-on-the-Eighty.

      And hey, Chris Matthews, want to know what sends a thrill up my leg? The thought of so many Commiefornia legislators-for-life suddenly being forced to either find honest work or starve. Hell, most of ’em wouldn’t even know what honest work IS.

  3. There’s no doubt in my mind that “Why you should hate Trump” is a key learning element in many high schools and college these days.

  4. The liberals/progressives have declared war on anyone that does not agree with their ideology.
    They will project and label you a racist, a traitor, a bigot or simply a hater.
    As srdem65 notes above, it is every day. Or as I like to call it, brainwashing.
    The mass media refuses to acknowledge violent acts by antifa or blm as well as public threats against the President and his family.
    We’re are heading for large scale violence in this Nation.

  5. What is the matter with you Wyoming? Jackson Hole must be filled with pajama wearing, manscaped, metrosexuals sipping hot coco. May I remind you that rodeo clown lost his job for much less (with no threats made) by wearing a mask of Obama.

  6. After viewing the eclipse in Casper, Wyoming we had reservations in “Jackson “.
    It was Jackson Hole for many years.
    Then the libbies from California moved there. Apparently the ski slopes are awesome.(don’t know, it was summer.)
    The Cali buttheads removed the “Hole” in Jackson Hole.
    Traffic sucked just like CA. Unfortunately a once lovely community has been tainted by California immigrants.

  7. Jackson Hole is a wealthy Prog spot in the midst of Wyoming. I forget which movie star led the rush to ruin it for others.

    Here is a teacher who thinks that putting this on a test for kids is a valid part of the “Resist” movement. I’m sure she/he was wetting pants over the daring move.

    Should be fired and banned from teaching. This kind of anger is dangerous.

  8. Literacy may actually have a reverse effect on being ‘informed’ as this high school change agent demonstrates & imparts to her captive audience! Christ’s students were illiterate in spirit -like this change agent- until the Word filled their words – before language was to equate with propaganda!

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