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White House “Open” to Banning Bump Stocks

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the White House welcomes a “conversation” that both parties plan to have about banning bump stocks, indicating President Trump is open to the idea and wants to be part of the talks.

So, let’s be careful here. Democrats don’t care much about bump stocks, the devices that get a semi-automatic weapon to fire temporarily with the rapidity of an automatic weapon. I’d never heard of them before the Las Vegas shooting, but since learning about them I’ve seen no good reason for them and think they should be banned too. What Democrats want is to open up a general discussion on gun control and go after basic Second Amendment rights. So the White House has to be careful not to get into a room with them and give away the gun store.

I think Trump realizes, though, that if he starts backing down on the Second Amendment, his base will desert him and he will end up with a primary challenge at worst or at the very least an electorate that fails to turn out in the general election to support him.

Following the White House statement – and the recognition of writing on the wall – the National Rifle Association echoed the call for the government to consider action against bump stocks.

“The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations,” the NRA said in a written statement.

9 thoughts on “White House “Open” to Banning Bump Stocks”

  1. Have they not learned anything yet? Let’s ban illegal aliens, heroin, you name it and it doesn’t work.
    If someone wants it, it will be available somewhere.

      1. So true. Everything is available.
        ot: somewhat
        People who know guns, know their firearms and how they work say that the hotel room would have been engulfed in smoke. They also say that the two weapons (or one) would have been too hot to handle. This explains why the crazy guy quit shooting when he had enough ammo to start WWII 1/2 in Vegas.
        They also say that anything could be bought from the dark web, or nefarious people if, IF , the buyer has enough money.

        We all understand the frustration of , well, everyone about this terrible event. What’s needed now is some serious thought, some more investigation, and not a rush to judgement about anything.

  2. Fascinating how the libs are suddenly experts on firearms! Here is a tutorial for you: Gun control according to Dems =citizens with nothing and criminals…cartels armed to the teeth…. I’m missing Charlelton Heston right now!

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