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Video || Pelosi Thanks Illegal Immigrants for Coming to the United States

Yes, thank you for breaking the law. Thank you for making your first act in this country an illegal one.

It’s one thing to say that we should consider not sending people who have lived all their lives in this country into what is de facto a foreign nation for them. I support some kind of – I’ll use the word – amnesty for such people, combined with serious new measures combating illegal immigration, including money for a wall and curtailing chain migration. And if the “dreamers” are over, say, 25 and can take care of themselves, frankly their parents should go back to their country. We cannot allow the DACA issue to morph into another “final” general amnesty. We’ve been there, done that.

But it’s quite another thing to say that illegal immigration is a good thing and we should be thrilled that we are going to have to grant some kind of qualified amnesty to lawbreakers.¬†And it’s astonishing that the U.S. House minority leader would be found congratulating people for sneaking into the country. Even if it gladdens her heart and enlarges the future Democratic voting base.

Here’s what she said on a CNN “town hall”:

Our Dreamers, they make America dream again.

Pelosi can really turn a phrase, can’t she?

She continues:

They’re so lovely and we, frankly, owe a debt to your parents for bringing you here to be such a brilliant part of our future. A constant reinvigoration of America – that’s what newcomers are.

When you watch the video below, listen to the DACA beneficiary’s self-righteous tone. As if the country owes him something. What’s more, he portrays the president of the United States as some kind of Gestapo round-up artist:

I am terrified that a deal with Trump would mean that, even if it protects me and my sisters who also have DACA, would enable Trump’s mass deportation agents to go after my family. We need a solution, and we need it soon. Do you commit to pass a dream act before December?

I could be wrong, but judging by his accent and grammatical error, he may not have come to this country too early in life and might not find it so strange to be back there. Either way, he could try out a little humility while making demands on the president and his “mass deportation agents.”

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

7 thoughts on “Video || Pelosi Thanks Illegal Immigrants for Coming to the United States”

  1. Her values are so screwed up that they are evil. She will never lose a job to an illegal alien, but plenty of Americans have and she thinks nothing of what this did to them.

    I hope someone crawls through a window of her mansion and then we’ll see how giving and sharing she is.

  2. Shame on MrsPelosi; she should be advising the ‘dreamers’ and their illegal alien parents to flee America as soon as possible.
    The political party she heads, and the MSM have declared our country as racist, sexist, phobic, and dangerous due to the Nazi/KKK/demented policies of our leader.

  3. Pelosi should have been put out to pasture by CAlifornia voters long ago. She makes a fool of herself every time she attempts to make a comment about current events.

  4. I agree the illegal parents need to go home. 25 year old are old enough to take care of themselves. We need to make room for the influx of Puerto Ricans who are expected to come. Naturalized American get very upset to see others get a free ride after they spent their time and money to go through the legal process.

    Another thing that shoud be done is do away with the Diversity Green Card Lottery.
    This lets 50,000 enter and received green cards just so we’ll have a diversity of immigrants. We should be adding those who contribute to the well being of the country not based on where they are from.

  5. Maybe old Nancy is thinking her pocketbook when she speaks of the dreamers. I’m sure enough of them work in hotels she has a financial interest in. Cheap labor, the democratic way.

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