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Is Anyone Willing to Give Trump Credit for Leading the Nation Through Tragedies?

Okay, there were controversial statements here and there. Trump is Trump. But the bottom line is that President Trump and the federal government have done an incredible job responding to multiple tragedies over the past several weeks.

Three separate hurricanes savaged Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico. And then a monster shot up a country music concert. The federal response to each of the hurricanes has been extraordinary. Complaints that aid did not move fast enough to Puerto Rico have come largely from the leftist, politically ambitious mayor of San Juan and are undermined by the obvious inability to get things rolling quickly on an island where the infrastructure was already in bad shape.

Meanwhile, both the president and the first lady dispatched themselves as quickly as feasible to each of the affected areas, offering comfort and signalling to responders that their work is a priority.

If Obama had responded as Trump did, the press would be teary-eyed over his compassion and asking the Norwegians to grant him a Nobel Peace Prize Lifetime Achievement Award.

Instead, the press has attempted to revive the meme that Trump is a racist because the Puerto Rico response didn’t immediately establish a new tropical paradise. Maybe the press could stop complaining that Trump is attacking them and try being a little more even-handed and then see what happens.

8 thoughts on “Is Anyone Willing to Give Trump Credit for Leading the Nation Through Tragedies?”

  1. There is so much hatred of POTUS, FLOTUS, and the rest of his family. The media, and many people I know, can never see them as anything but the devil.

    I cannot believe the divisiveness in our country. And I lay the blame for it at the feet of Mr0.

    1. It also belongs at the feet of the Koch-sucking Rove Republicans and the rest of the #NeverTrump crowd as well. Lyin’ Ryan and Post Turtle – here’s lookin’ at ya!

  2. The Dems/MSM have been attacking MrTrump for over two years now. They couldn’t stop him from winning the Repub nomination, nor from becoming the next POTUS.
    Every day, they do their best to separate MrTrump from his supporters and it isn’t working.
    There are subtle hints that some of the anti-Trumpists are rethinking their actions from all-in attacks to neglect or silence. Hillary has turned herself from a shining star to a vengeful hag and nag and they are abandoning her cause as harmful to their future plans.
    The country continues to prosper, the markets are still rising, futures are brightening- all of which make their dire projections moot and wrong.
    Where do they go from here, how do they promote their next candidate is now the driving force since thrashing MrTrump isn’t and hasn’t worked with the voters.
    ot: about the Las Vegas massacre
    The conspiracy and cover-up accusations are rising in the public’s mind. None of the news reporting on this man or his motives are making sense. The faith and belief that the truth will out that used to be the bedrock of the MSM and the government is gone.

  3. Comparing how President Trump responds to tragedy vs how Barry Obama responded to tragedy–we remember this: at the height of the Benghazi attack, Obama was spending, by all accounts, time in a room with Reggie Love, not showing the slightest interest in what was happening in Benghazi. Yes, there was a “press photo” of Barry and his fellow fanatics around a table, but that’s all it was, a press photo. The next morning, Barry departed for a fund raiser in Las Vegas and skipped (as he usually skipped) his morning intelligence briefing. That’s how Barry responded to tragic events. And the corporate press loved him for it.

  4. As I watch President Trump handle these disasters I wonder to myself how Hillary would have handled. The different is quite clear. Trump handles it as a businessman would do. “How do we solve this problem?” Hillary approach would be “How many votes can I get out of this?” Thank goodness she is not president.

    I liked his press conference in Puerto Rico when he recognized all those who were working on the problem. He delegates and follows up, whereas; Carter micro managed and Obama lead from behind.

    Right now they are expecting a big influx of Puerto Ricans coming to the US. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has stated he welcomes them to Chicago.. He is going to take care of the new arrivals vs taking care of the poor black community he already has. He wants more enrolled in the welfare system so he can have more voters.

  5. President Trump’s visit to the Las Vegas wounded is reminiscent of General Patton visiting his wounded troops during WW II. He & Mrs. Trump come across as decent people!

  6. If President Trump had taken a boat out into Hurricane Irma, said “Be quiet!” to the wind, “Be still!” to the waves, and the hurricane had stopped right then, the media would have said he only did it to drive down the ratings for The Weather Channel.

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