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Scalise: Getting Shot Makes Me Support the Second Amendment Even More

It’s often said that if only a good guy had a gun when a bad guy starts shooting people down, a massacre could have been prevented. In House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s case, that’s exactly what happened.

“What I experienced was, when there was a shooter, luckily we had Capitol police there with their own guns,” he said, noting that the stories of people defending themselves with guns never get told.

1 thought on “Scalise: Getting Shot Makes Me Support the Second Amendment Even More”

  1. Would the shooter had chosen that location, those men if he thought they were armed, too?
    Most likely not.
    The mass shooters find a soft-target, as the police call them. The no-gun zone, the movie theatre, the school room are favorite targets.
    Why aren’t there any mass shootings at the country-western bar in Phoenix, or a shot-and-a beer bar in Pittsburgh – it doesn’t take a lot of thought why that never happens.
    In the most perverse way, the crazed Muslims who are using cars and trucks as weapons have made the use of firearms a desirable deterrence against mass killings. There’s no way to stop a truck from running into a mass of people, but a shooter can be stopped by someone else who is armed.
    The massacre in Las Vegas could not have been stopped by a policeman or armed civilian on the scene, but the madman could be identified and brought to justice because he had to remain in place.
    I hope the Congressman continues to be well, that his life proves to be a inspiration to all.

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