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Trump: “We’ll Be Talking About Gun Laws as Time Goes By”

Leaving the White House for Puerto Tuesday morning, President Trump suggested he will visit the issue of gun control, though not in the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.

It’s not immediately clear if he meant he would discuss new gun control steps or opposition to legislation backed by the NRA. Controversial legislation before Congress would weaken restrictions on purchases of silencers.

Trump also commended law enforcement’s response in Las Vegas and defended his handling of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.

4 thoughts on “Trump: “We’ll Be Talking About Gun Laws as Time Goes By””

  1. Gun control, abortion, and the right to be wrong about anything are all issues the Dems want to be their way, whatever that is.
    When a country controlled or confiscated firearms, evil doers set off bombs or found their firearms through black markets.
    It’s too late, too too late to try to eliminate firearms anywhere.

  2. Sure ban gun ownership. That way the Mexican cartels can add that to their drug and people smuggling. Why not just have everyone turn in their guns? For those who want to recover the money they spent buying the guns they could sell them in Venezuela. But don’t expect to sell to the common man. They don’t have money to begin with. Here is the market. The three groups who have the guns are, (1) The State…Military, National, Regional and Municipal Police and the Intelligence Agency. (2) Paramilitary called “Colectivos”. These were established by Chavez. They are armed thugs on motorcycles who go around keeping people in line. (3) “Panatocracy”. These are common criminal gangs.

  3. Keith, Keith, Keith.
    Please for all that is good and pure – SUPRESSORS not SILENCERS.
    Physics do not allow one to silence the report of a firearm.


  4. If you could pass this along to suitable parties: ‘Statistician Who Championed Stringent Gun Control Now Argues Against It After Studying Data’ “Writing in The Washington Post, Leah Libresco, a statistician and former newswriter at FiveThirtyEight, the site run by famed statistician Nate Silver, admits that she reversed herself on gun control, evolving from blaming the NRA for gun deaths to realizing more stringent, blanket gun control was not an answer to gun deaths.”

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