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How About a Conservative Late Night Talk Show?

Of course, following the Las Vegas shooting, our society’s new arbiters of morality, the late night talk show hosts, jumped into the conversation with the inevitable call for gun control.

That Americans are listening to comedians for moral instruction is certainly yet another sign of the decline and fall of Western civilization. I mean, comedians??

But as long as that’s the game, is there not a market for a conservative talk show host? If the other three or four networks are running liberals, won’t conservative flock to a good show that features someone on the right.

Surely the greed of these networks outweighs their liberal politics. I mean, this has got to be a good business decision. Or maybe Fox could run a show at 11:30 pm.

Any good ideas about who should do the show?

9 thoughts on “How About a Conservative Late Night Talk Show?”

  1. In general terms, we (the royal we) would be OK with some political jokes if all of the politicians were lampooned.
    By only attacking MrTrump, and that’s all they do at late night, then it’s not funny or cute or worth listening to at all.
    Chuck Schumer is ripe for a few jokes, MrsPelosi is just asking for it, and Hillary! she almost writes the jokes herself.
    But, no. Dems and their foibles are the third rail now.
    Looking back to Jay Leno’s opening routine, he didn’t have any sacred cows to avoid- everyone who was acting stupid or trying to enact ridiculous laws anywhere was fair game.
    MrTrump does seem to offend the liberal class every day, and his wife wears the wrong shoes.
    Most of the offenses they find are not joke worthy, but just a reason to be mean.

    Cedric the Entertainer, Jeff Foxworthy to name two that would be good , IMO.

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