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Hillary Clinton Uses Tragedy to Go After the NRA

Ignoring, of course, that many country music fans are conservatives and pro-gun rights. But what do their feelings matter when you can immediately inject politics into this?

16 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Uses Tragedy to Go After the NRA”

  1. Dear Hillary,

    Okay, bar them. Make it illegal for stores to sell them. Let the bad guys go to You Tube and watch a how to make a silencer video.

    Yours truly,

  2. Poor Hillary. Stand up against the NRA?
    What, in this modern world where our lives are at risk from Arabs, from N.Koreans, from gangsters, from unhappy Americans?
    Wrong time, wrong message. Again.

  3. Poor hitlery, she just keeps on running when she’s clearly
    behind the eight ball. She thinks she’s running for president
    but she’ ll crash & burn again… probably worse than that last time. Isn’t there any one who’ll talk sense to this woman?

  4. Her comment on the silencer is ridiculous. New reports have indicated that because of the distance and the other buildings, those being shot at could not determine where the shooting was coming from. Are silencers even available for the weapons used?

  5. Hillary continues to publicly demonstrate what a clueless, leftist moon bat she is. Does she have no friends who can tell her to stop making a fool of herself?

      1. Yea, that makes sense. It’s the “aren’t we cooler than anyone else in the school. We all think we are, so it must be true” sort of thing.

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