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Harvard Protestors Label DeVos a “White Supremacist”

Well, apparently intelligence is no longer one of the criteria used by Harvard for admissions.

Protestors stood up at a speech by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos at the university, suggesting her support for charter schools makes her a racist because the effort to provide more educational opportunities for children harms public schools.

Actually, charter schools provide a precious chance for both minority and white kids to get an education they can never, and will never, receive at the nation’s public schools, which have successfully resisted decades of efforts by “experts” – and endless bundles of taxpayer cash – designed to make them work properly. To suggest support for charter schools is racist is part of the Left’s ongoing effort to drum up class warfare and cast whatever they happen to disagree with as racist, sexist, etc.

At least these students let her speak. That’s a step forward for college protest, I guess.

6 thoughts on “Harvard Protestors Label DeVos a “White Supremacist””

  1. It disturbs me greatly that people are so against school choice. I worked in education, and some of the comments I heard about it would so bizarre.

    There is no reason for government, particularly the federal government, to be in the business of education.

  2. Attending Ivy League schools does not equate to being educated. And I say that as a parent of children who attended very high education.


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  4. If this is what “higher education ” gets you, I’m glad my kids are going to technical schools to learn to be something. Not trying to become an ideal. I will stay “uneducated ” in the meantime and make a living supporting my family. Spoiled brats.

  5. Most of the children at the Success Academy charter schools in New York City are minority children. A place in those schools is very coveted by man city parents for their children, and the achievement levels are very high.

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