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Video || GOP Rep. Steve Scalise Returns to the House

A very emotional moment on the House floor today. Scalise came about as close as he could to dying. Of course, if he’d had been a liberal lawmaker shot by a white nationalist, we’d be hearing constantly about the shooter and the hatred from the right that has infected our society. Unfortunately for MSM outlets looking to fill airtime and websites, the shooter was a progressive who strongly backed Bernie Sanders. The violent left is not a topic we need discuss.

Here’s a nice outtake.

And here are his full remarks.

3 thoughts on “Video || GOP Rep. Steve Scalise Returns to the House”

  1. It’s good to see him back on his feet and making the effort to regain his former life.
    We all know he has a long, difficult road ahead of him as he ages.
    Those who were not shot are probably still dealing with a PTSS as survivors of a madman’s plot to kill as many Repubs as he could.
    His return also brings to mind that a total massacre was avoided by the heroic efforts of two police officers.
    May God help all those involved in this incident come to a peaceful mind.

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