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Trump Demotes Key #MAGA White House Economist

President Trump is going along with a  decision by White House chief of staff John Kelly to force trade hawk Peter Navarro to work for his nemesis, globalist National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, according to Politico.

Kelly has decided that Navarro’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy will now be part of the NEC, which is a little like folding Central Conference of American Rabbis into the Catholic church. It’s a clear message to Navarro, an ally of former White House strategist Steve Bannon and an opponent of multilateral international trade deals, that he should get out of the White House. Navarro, according to Politico, isn’t leaving, but I’m sure eventually he will.

In the name of creating a more “orderly” process in the White House, Kelly is simply removing an entire faction of thought within the building, ending the need for debate that prompts “divisiveness.” Only, the people he is removing are those who provide the intellectual firepower behind the principles upon which Trump was elected.

Trump is surrounding himself with aides who do not believe in what he stands for and who, with the possible exception of family members, will not stick around when the going gets tough. They’ll have their resumes padded and explain to their bewildered friends among the elite that they joined the White House and stayed there a short while “for the good of the country,” not for Trump.

Meantime, Trump will be pressured into trade policy and take actions on trade that he would not otherwise support.

Because I think Trump does actually believe many of the things he campaigned on, he’s going to feel increasingly isolated in the White House. Some of those who have left believe they will eventually be summoned back. They may be right. Especially if Trump wants to be reelected.

6 Responses to Trump Demotes Key #MAGA White House Economist

  1. Well, Trump is a grown-up man and if he begins to feel isolated, he can get rid of the Progs-in-Repub-clothing around him.

    I’m disappointed that Trump is getting swamped instead of draining it.

    The DACAs are an excellent example: Trump’s soft heart made him believe the dewy eyed valedictorians brought to his office (no doubt) to praise the USA. Pelosi saw the real face of these entitled illegals — hope Trump saw that clip.

    • Good point, Trump being engulfed by the swamp.

      He needs to use twitter to mobilize the base to get Reepublicans senators and congress to work toward his goals. If they don’t want to help the country, they will be replaced during next election.

      Don’t use twitter for petty fights again Kim Jon un.

  2. I urge everyone to read Dr Gorka’s speech about this. Much of President Trump’s work right now – and for the next year at least – is involved with unmasking and de-powering the permanent swamp, those “civil servants” who own their jobs for life and cannot be fired or even moved into different jobs. We need to stay on our Congress critters and Senators to get out of his way and start supporting his initiatives. It was Congress that created the Deep State, and Congress has to help remove it. Pray that God sends us choices for the 2018 midterms so that we can send real Americans to take the place of the weasels that are there now.

    We may have laughed at the old series “Yes Minister” but what was funny then is what our President is up against in deadly earnest now.

    • *Dr Gorka’s speech about the permanent state (I don’t think he has commented on the Navarro move).

      Also, as an afterthought, I wonder if he is preparing to change the way the NEC operates, to streamline it and set up Navarro to take over more authority within it.