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Nationalism Proves it is a Major New Political Force

Insurgent Roy Moore’s victory over establishment candidate Sen. Luther Strange in the Alabama GOP Senate primary demonstrates convincingly that Donald Trump’s victory in November represented the ascendance of an American nationalist ideology based on the primacy of traditional American culture.

Even though the movement’s titular leader, Trump, backed Strange, the movement chose the man who embodies its principles, Moore.

As John Nolte notes in Breitbart: “The indisputable lesson here for the president is that even he, the man who started the movement, is not bigger than the promises, ideas, agenda, and platform he ran on.”

By proving that it is stronger than any one individual, the nationalist movement has demonstrated that it is a lasting presence that threatens to completely upend a Washington Republican establishment that has shown itself both ineffective and uncommitted to the key principles of nationalism. Not all trade deals or even military engagements. Just those that don’t advance American economic or national security interests.

Topping the nationalist agenda are limiting immigration, particularly illegal immigration, and preserving American sovereignty by avoiding vast treaties and trade deals that subvert U.S. laws and culture to those of other countries.

These are not necessarily the first principles of traditional conservatism. Nationalism embraces most conservative ideas, including smaller government and lower taxes, but it does so from within the nationalist framework, which emphasizes traditional American values like individual liberty. It focuses on the middle class and Main Street instead of corporate America because average, God-fearing workers are the stewards of the culture, not wealthy, secular elites.

Luther Strange was a Washington lobbyist. Trump better get the message soon that his support for Strange was an apostasy. As much as conservative nationalists admire Trump, they are wedded more to the ideas he expressed and, I think, still believes in. Even as he has surrounded himself with people who don’t.

What the mainstream media in Washington doesn’t get is that Trump is not a gimmick and not an revival of latent American racism. His election represented the the resurgence of principles that stretch all the way back to the Founding Fathers. It is not about hatred, exclusion, or even isolationism. It is about America, which is not a topic many in Washington understand.

15 Responses to Nationalism Proves it is a Major New Political Force

    • Indeed! The Mexicans and crazy Dems dominate this state. Its god awful what they are doing and it will destroy this state in the end.
      Mexicans are not assimilating into America, but are working on making this Mexico. They are winning with the help of the DNC.

  1. Excellent ! Change “America” to “Europe” and it will be just as true. We want the same thing over here. And then respect and cooperation between us.

        • Swedish Lady, I read Germany’s right wing AfD Party has gained seats in Parliament in the re-election of Merkel. They increased their vote from 3% to 13%.
          As I understand it AfD started in 2012 as a right of center party when they opposed the Greek bail out. Since then they have moved further to the right and are opposed to the open borders policy of Merkel. Is what is happening the the USA having an influence? Is there a chance the AfD can swing too far to the right?

  2. Well said, Keith! Sharing on Facebook. Although I normally come here via my own blog’s sidebar link, I am glad to see your posts on Facebook. Makes it a lot easier for me to share them.

  3. You comments today are right on the money. The American people are so weary with the elites. We want our country back again and the rock solid values that used to be its foundation.

  4. Great summation…

    I got the impression Trump wasn’t an enthusiastic “Strange” supporter anyway… I read (or heard) that he was being loyal to his support for Trump’s agenda. I like that analogy…