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Video || Democrats Kneeling on the House Floor

Some formerly anonymous dude from Wisconsin kneeled Tuesday in solidarity with the overpaid NFL players who have been disrespecting the flag and the country.

Sheila Jackson Lee got onto one knee Monday night after calling President Trump a racist and suggesting he was “dishonoring” peoples’ mothers by referring to Colin Kaepernick using the term “son of a bitch” which, uh, usually isn’t taken quite so literally.

H/T Washington Examiner.

19 thoughts on “Video || Democrats Kneeling on the House Floor”

  1. Paid a fortune to play a game. Then they think this is not a land of opportunity for the dummies. Ave IQ is below 100 for these Gods of Football. 85 ?
    Team Owners are just as bad even tho much smarter. The level of corruption must be insanely high is this “sport”

  2. Did they also do the “hands up, don’t shoot” salute at the same time?
    This is getting to be ridiculous and meaningless. It’s almost funny – the elected officials that rely on the police to keep them safe elect to dishonor the same, and the flag they pledged allegiance to when sworn into Congress.
    I think. I really am not sure what they are protesting now and why it’s such a big deal.
    If it’s the police they don’t like, then are we to assume that the multi-millionaire owners of football teams are not happy with the police and their protections?
    Is it just America and what it stands for so the players wish they could live elsewhere?
    ot: listening to a talk show on ESPN and they aren’t sure what the protest is about, either.

    1. I don’t think most of them are smart enough to figure out what they are protesting, or why. It really is nuts! They blame cops, whites, & Trump for everything, their actions are almost robotic. These spoiled athletes are paid mega bucks vs. what the average cop is paid. It’s a shame they forgot that most American voters chose Obama (twice) or that he did absolutely nothing for blacks.

  3. I don’t follow professional sports. I find it difficult to cheer for a corporation. Amateur sports are fine. The professional sports have become corrupt corporations.

  4. Let’s be honest…none of these people, not actors, artists,musicians, athletes nor politicians, would even think of doing this IF the camera was not on them.

    They are ALL selfish trolls and deserve to be ignored.

  5. Keep in mind – outside of prayer – kneeling is a sign of submission.

    These fools don’t even bother to think things through. Just a bunch of jerks, knee-jerking while on their knees.

  6. What has Sheila Jackson Lee done for black people? Why didn’t she kneel during Obama’s presidency, he did NOTHING to help fellow blacks, except to constantly tell them they are victims. Lee stands on the floor of Congress while surrounded by police protection, and rails against police brutality. What an imbecilic hypocrite. If her constituents were bright, they would realize they’re being used and run her out of office. Lee, along with the entire Congressional Black Caucus are a disgrace. The Democrats are the ones who really don’t give a fig about black lives.

  7. If Trump can get the Democrats to defend the indefensible, just by typing 140 characters or less, then he needs to start denouncing bedbugs, the Macarena, and unsolicited emails from Nigerian princes.

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  9. Reminds me of their oh-so-effective “sit in” back in 2016. Clowns. Make lots of noise, emote false “rage.” They’d be lost without the cameras.

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