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Hillary Clinton Race Baits Trump Over Football Kneeler Comments

I suppose this is what Trump gets for failing to immediately call out Nazis protesting in Charlottesville, Virginia and saying there were some good people among them, evidence of which I have yet to see. And yet, it does not follow that every time Trump criticizes people, some of whom happen to be black, that he is “dog whistling” to racists or doing something racist himself.

Rather, Democrats are beside themselves with glee at the opportunity Trump has given them to continue their project, begun under Obama, of dividing the country along racial lines in order to stir up their own base, express their own resentments, and just feel so damn good about themselves.

Hillary Clinton Monday charged Trump with attacking people because of their race. It’s just contemptible, but no less so than so many other things she says and does.

I think it’s deeply troubling that the president would be attacking black athletes for expressing their opinions, peacefully. Protest a part of the American way of life. And it’s something that I’m very proud of, whether I agree or disagree. I think peaceful protest is part of what has helped us make progress, learn more, be a better country over time, and I just couldn’t help thinking that, he has attacked these black athletes for peacefully protesting, but he doesn’t really attack white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klaners, or Vladimir Putin, who interfered in our election. And I think it’s all part of his political calculation. And I really think that’s bad for the country. He wants to set people against each other. He wants to divide us.

No, it’s Hillary who wants to divide us. She is a bitter, old, angry woman who will spend the rest of her life trying to prove that she deserved what she has probably assumed she deserved since college – to be America’s first female president.

There will eventually be a woman president. Thankfully, it won’t be her.

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24 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Race Baits Trump Over Football Kneeler Comments”

  1. Keith, this is, for sure, a true statement: “There will eventually be a woman president. Thankfully, it won’t be her.” As Hillary continues her bizarre rants about how she was somehow cheated out of the Presidency by some conspiracy, we can all (including, interestingly, many Democrats in recent days) remind ourselves of what a self serving whack job Hillary is and what a disaster she would have been as President.

  2. NFL went political
    Appointed in 2014
    Cynthia Hogan was hired by the NFL in 2014, following four years as deputy assistant counsel in the Obama administration. Appointed Vice President of Public Policy at NFL in 2014.
    Appointed in January 2016 ~ Joe Lockhart a former press secretary for President Bill Clinton, will join the NFL as the league’s executive vice president of communications. He was Clinton’s press secretary from 1998 to 2000
    So no wonder CLinton spouts this sort of nonsense. It’s all been set up.

  3. I’ll say it because no one else will – Darn tootin’ this is about attacking wealthy, privileged Black athletes for insulting the country that has done all it could to promote and raise up the Black community, all for naught.
    The kneeling athletes announced that they believe Whites are responsible for their fellow Blacks being innocent victims of White police doing their duties, and for the most part it’s not true.
    As for Hillary’s ‘virtue signaling’, we have yet to hear her, or any Dem for that matter, call out or attack the BlackLivesMatter group for their anti-police agenda that has resulted in the assassination of many police officers, or those who claim that all Whites are racists.
    My President gave his opinion on the kneeling or refusing to honor the symbol of America because it offended all of us.
    Yesterday: The wealthy, privileged athletes and their employers made dishonoring the American Nat’l Anthem all about being anti-Trump. MrTrump is our President, he is not America, nor does the anthem honor him.
    They made a mistake and it will cost them.

    1. The NFL millionaire protestors would gain credibility if they stood up against Black on Black murders and the shameful rate of abortion of Black babies sponsored by Planned Parenthood. They could draw attention to and positively impact the Black community in addressing these social issues.

      Black on Black murders are ten times the rate of white on White murders (150 per 100,000 for Black on Black murders vs 15 per 100,000 White on White murders). Abortion rates for Black women are 51 percent–five times the abortion rate for White women.

      Yes, the NFL, with their very wide audience, could stand up against these catastrophic statistics which show clearly that something is seriously amiss in many areas of the Black community, particularly in the inner cities of our nation. But they chose not to do so.

      1. And 0bama encouraged their ignorant protests. Sorry, but most SJW’s really have no idea what they are supposedly pissed about. It’s an itty bitty paycheck from Soros, et al, that revs up their moronic insipidity “protesting” what they have absolutely no knowledge of….just their sense that they are a part of “something”.

  4. Last night both teams took a knee PRIOR to the anthem, then stood up and linked arms, in silence while some did sing and some held their hand over their heart.

    Dallas found a way to be respectful. I still don’t think that this should be done in the workplace, but it was an effective answer.

    And for the record, Trump wins. He got them to stand and respect the flag and the anthem.


    1. You watched? Not me. Haven’t for two years now and never will again.

      That’s the only thing they will understand.

      I cannot be made to care about them or their protests.

      1. (Ahhhhh, I duck.)
        I never liked football. How is throwing a pointy ball fun?
        The “game” lasts over two hours, but you only see about 25 minutes or less of actual movement. The rest of the civilized world love soccer: you can see the player and the game moves quickly.

  5. #NFLBoycott
    No to professional sports. difficult to cheer for a corporation. Amateur sports ok. professional sports r corrupt corporations

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking of getting my hearing checked. I never hear any of these dog whistles on any of the topics that they are apparently being used to signal.

  6. “…and saying there were some good people among them, evidence of which I have yet to see.”

    Keith, why do you KEEP pushing this lie? Did you even watch that speech by Trump? He didn’t say there were good people among the Nazis/white supremacists—he said that in addition to there being some white supremacists there, there were also people who were there to innocently protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee. He said that THOSE were fine people—not the Nazis!

    I’ve seen you repeat this lie on here multiple times; you’re generally pretty fair to Trump but I don’t understand why you keep hitting him for this one, when it’s a Leftist talking point and anyone who watched the speech would know that he was NOT saying some of the Nazis were good.

    1. I, too, don’t understand why you keep repeating this lie about “fine people” among the Nazis.

      Please, stop putting this false news out there — take time to check the facts.

  7. She will take every opportunity to get in the news because she is still running for President. She will never accept that she lost. How pathetic. Why doesn’t her so-called family rein her in?
    Her behavior makes it more and more difficult for the next woman who runs for President, no matter how capable she is.

    1. Like Rocket Man or Caligula — a crazy person with clout and power and everyone around her afraid to tell her the truth.

      Let her keep going and reminding people who the Dems claimed was the smartest person ever to run for the Presidency.

    2. I “loved” how she said, “I called FEMA & ordered the Navy to PR with their hospital ship.”
      …does she think she actually is president?

  8. Keith, Trump did not say there were good people among the Nazis, he said there were good people among those who protested the removal of a historic statue.

    And, do you think the media searched very hard for those good people? No, it was not a part of what they wanted.

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