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Swarming Drone Attacks Could Threaten Trumps

From Paul Bedard, writing in the Washington Examiner:

The Secret Service is facing a “grave” threat to President Trump from a new wave of high-tech weapons including armed drones, plastic guns made on 3-D printers and even sophisticated IEDs, according to a new alert issued by a former agent.

“This threat is grave,” Dan Bongino told Secrets. The author of a new book on the Secret Service that calls for a seismic change of thinking at the agency, Bongino said terrorists are eager to unleash an attack on their “ultimate prize.”

New age threats include weaponized drones delivered in “swarms” that could attack the White House or any place the president is. The problem, he explained, is that the agency’s agents and Uniformed Division are trained mostly to stop ground attacks.

He said that terrorists have looked at drones “for a long time,” and that “the real threat comes from the more spectacular swarm attacks.”

3 Responses to Swarming Drone Attacks Could Threaten Trumps

  1. Maybe if he took a knee, his profile would be lower and he would be safer.

    Kidding, just kidding…got to keep our sense of humor these days.


  2. Short of keeping the POTUS inside the WH bunker, he is at risk every time he steps outside.
    None of us are “safe” anymore. Is that man a terrorist carrying a bomb in his backpack, will the Hurricane hit our home, is an earthquake about to happen, and down to the mundane wondering if our car will slide off the road and hit a telephone pole.
    Being aware is important and reports are the protective services are looking into everything that could happen.