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Kerry Doesn’t Rule Out 2020 Run

And why not? Everybody else running was born during the Civil War.

Obviously, he doesn’t recognize the central problem with his potential candidacy. Specifically, that no one will vote for him.

7 Responses to Kerry Doesn’t Rule Out 2020 Run

    • Kerry can add his name to this list of potential Dem candidates/losers.
      15. Marke Zuckerberg
      14. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti
      13. Tim Kaine
      12, Deval Patrick
      11. Oprah Winfrey
      10. Sherrod Brown
      9. Andrew Cuomo\
      8. Corey Booker
      7. Kamala Harris
      6. Kirsten Gilliibrand
      5. Jerry Brown
      4.Eliz Warren
      3. Chris Murphy, CT Senator?
      2. Joe Biden
      1. Bernie Sanders.
      h/t DeniseVB

  1. There really is a phenomenon called the black hole human. They are the ones so wrapped up in themselves that nothing good, decent, or honest can escape. Although they suck in everything in their vicinity never to be seen again. Kerry is this type.