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Democrats and Friends in the MSM Blast Trump’s “Dark” Speech

I just don’t get why the media doesn’t get why President Trump goes after them when they are so predictably antagonistic and biased against him.

Yeah, he made some “dark” comments. That’s’ because it’s an increasingly dark world, thanks to the policies of “Sunshine” Obama. Priceless here to see Susan Rice, who is the architect of the world mess we face, freely criticize Trump as if she had a decent record of her own.

6 Responses to Democrats and Friends in the MSM Blast Trump’s “Dark” Speech

  1. It wasn’t a “dark” speech. It was bluntly realistic. Do your job, UN, or we will do it for you. And for the record, he didn’t “threaten” NK. A threat would be a bald statement that we planned to attack them. Rather, he made them a promise. Back off and quit threatening US, or we will wipe you out. Simple. It’s Rocket Man’s choice. If he behaves, he’s perfectly safe.

  2. The corporate media derides and mocks President Trump (a Harvard study reports 90+ percent negative coverage of Trump) for the same reason a rattlesnake bites its victim: it’s what they do, it’s who they are. ;=]

  3. Very glad that Trump speaks the way he does. If he chose to temper his words and tread lightly with NK and Iran, the media would still blast him for hollow words….


  4. What was it, the very day Reagan took office, Iran released the hostages? Why? Because they understand force, and they thought Reagan was a friggin maniac. They don’t respect reason, and certainly don’t respect rainbows and unicorns.

    I see some utility to the press painting Trump as that same friggin maniac (internationally at least), some of the true maniacs of the world will think twice before pissing us off.